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The heart of the matter: Why we love lawyers

why we love lawyers

In essence, Valentine’s Day seems light-hearted but still intersects with the legal world in terms of relationships, business agreements, hospitality spaces, and, sadly, violence. However, this year, we want to focus on the heart of the matter, why we love a lawyer. Lawyers often get a bad rep for seeming rigid, argumentative, and married to their work. But as the virtual staffing company of choice, we have worked closely alongside many impressive lawyers over the years, and we understand firsthand why having an incredible lawyer deserves appreciation and love. We are fortunate to collaborate with smart, financially secure, and deeply caring advocates who go above and beyond.   

Lawyers are incredibly witty and well-mannered. Years of impressing clients mean they know how to captivate an audience and leave their friends shocked when telling amusing legal tales over dinner.  

the heart of the matter blog by get staffed up


Lawyers also spend so much time polished up for court that style comes naturally – no need to worry they’ll ever show up underdressed. The beauty is their nurturing nature and emotional intelligence learned from counseling clients, making them incredibly supportive partners beyond material things. They know how to care for and provide for the people in their lives. 

A lawyer will keep your mind busy and conversations electric with everything from political dissections to philosophical tangents. Their appetite for interesting discussions means things will never get boring! And should any legal troubles ever come up down the road – free counsel! You’ll have your own lawyer handy whenever you need them.

Of course, like any dedicated career, long lawyer hours under pressure can be strenuous. But smart attorneys hire offshore professionals to maximize efficiency. A lawyer who delegates tasks is truly better equipped to wine and dine with their number one.     



This season is about expressing gratitude and love, and the same principles apply to our professional relationships. Take the time to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication your offshore team brings to your law firm. Cherish the bond you share with your team and watch as your law firm blossoms with positivity and success.

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