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Candid Convos with Bre Swanson

It’s Candid Convos time! That’s right, the show where our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator), interviews great attorneys and business leaders. For this episode, please welcome, Bre Swanson! A certified life coach, on a mission to empower leaders. Bre’s journey from tech executive to burnout survivor has given her a unique perspective, and she’s here to guide you on your path to well-being, balance and renewed happiness.

Dissecting Burnout

Bre and Joe discuss the cons of burnout, and how it affects not only yourself, but also your family, and everyone in your firm. Burnout is commonly associated with high workloads, tight deadlines, and intense pressure, which can lead to chronic stress and exhaustion. Learning how to navigate and control burnout has been one of the main objectives of Bre’s company.

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Bre herself was a burnout victim without even knowing, until one day she quit a prestigious role in a great company, simply because she just “couldn’t do it anymore”. Bre wanted to have more time to spend with her son, but she was psychologically and physically exhausted. That was the turning point when she decided to start taking care of her well-being and focusing on controlling her emotions.

“The way that you’re thinking is creating your feelings”

Thoughts Create Our Feelings

When Bre conquered her burnout odyssey, she realized how a lot of business owners and professionals are unaware of how to deal with stress, not only that but even failing to recognize and acknowledge their emotions. Thoughts are optional, they are the ones responsible for creating your emotions. It’s imperative that you learn how to tap into your emotions and really understand them and acknowledge them. Self-awareness can be beneficial to change, if not to change just to “know” and be in control of yourself.

“It’s so beautiful to know that again when you change the way that you think, and the way that you believe and show up in this world, you can change your results.”

Doing exercise and being healthy are also crucial factors in living a burnout-free life and enjoying a healthier work-life balance. Bre shares the importance of delegating tasks as a business owner; trusting your capable team and leveraging their skills can help you focus on what you really want for your business, and make it grow. Offshore staffing is one of the most efficient solutions for law firm owners who are struggling to take back control of their time. There are no barriers in the digital world and interconnectivity allows you to find extraordinary talent, ideal to upgrade your practice and improve profitability.

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