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Candid Convos with Amy Williams

Welcome to another episode of Candid Convos! Our show, where amazing business leaders share their valuable insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (Senior Community Coordinator). In this episode, we would like to welcome Amy Williams, the CEO of AB Unlimited Worldwide, Inc., a boutique Marketing Resource Agency that offers promotional products, apparel, and event graphics serving Fortune 500 clients.

Emotional Connections Between Clients and Brands

Amy pioneered AB Unlimited’s philosophy to create an emotional connection between her client’s brand and their end users to increase brand loyalty with a proven track record of seamlessly integrating into her clients’ workflow and taking ownership of a project to ensure success. Her expertise when it comes to logistics and all things branded and marketing collateral has made her a recipient of many accolades and awards, as well as a constant growth revenue for more than a decade.

Amy shares with Joe the importance and power of collateral marketing pieces. Explaining how a potential client has a tangible object that helps them daily will provide the most engaging brand awareness experience.

“There’s nothing like a marketing collateral piece that goes into an individual’s hand, something that is relevant, something that is meaningful, effective, compelling, and that they’re going to use every single day.”

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Finding Yourself an Effective Work Tribe

Amy states how you need to first recognize that regardless of your expertise and knowledge, you don’t and will never have all the answers. When building a law firm or pretty much any business in particular, you need to surround yourself with a loyal tribe of people who are willing to learn, teach, and work toward achieving your goals. Another important aspect for when you building a start-up is to dive into the different entrepreneurial programs available. Without a proper infrastructure, the chances of failing will grow exponentially.

“An entrepreneur has help; you just have to want to find it, and you have to be able to ask for help.”

Finding the right talent that fits your role and core values is no easy feat; vetting the right individual to join your trusty tribe requires a lot of work. After learning about Get Staffed Up services, Amy started building a digital video library for her next Virtual Assistant in order to facilitate the individual’s onboarding process. With this process, she was able to cut down the usual 6-month training onboarding process to only two months. Now, her VA is fully integrated with her business and has allowed Amy to continue her success growth path, as well as helping the overall team become more productive and profitable.

“I’m so thrilled with our VA; our VA from GSU is amazing, and I couldn’t be more grateful for him, and I tell him that every day. He helps us become more efficient, we’re more compelling, we’re more profitable because we have a good team behind us, and I’m looking forward to my second VA from GSU.”

Just like Amy, you too can find the perfect fit for your law firm with Get Staffed Up. We’ll help you hire only the Top 1% of talent from Latin America. Save time and money and build a stronger team that will help you build the law firm/business of your dreams. SCHEDULE A CALL WITH OUR FREEDOM TEAM HERE!

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