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Candid Convos with Kyle Harbaugh

Welcome to another episode of Candid Convos! Our show, where amazing business leaders share their valuable insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator). We welcome Kyle Harbaugh, Fractional CGO and COO for attorneys and the founder of Chief GO Officers, LLC. Kyle’s mission is to help law firm owners grow their practices and thrive in the competitive marketplace. Learn how he propels practices to the next level of success with the help of Virtual Assistants.

Beyond Legal Expertise

Kyle’s hands-on experience not only includes law work but also spans marketing, recruitment, employee training and engagement, referral networking, negotiation, sales, SEO, and legal operations. Running a law firm involves crucial elements beyond legal expertise, and Kyle’s experience has given insights into what works and what does not when running a law firm. The way to scale a business rests heavily on nurturing, creativity, and innovation. 

“Law firm owners tend to work in their business and not ON their business.”

When an attorney starts a law firm, they become a leader by default, and leadership skills sometimes are not their strongest suit. When they start hiring employees, those individuals need to know that their leader is someone trustworthy and has alignment. Honing your leadership skills is required in order to fully embrace your role as the owner and solely focus on the core aspects of growing your business.

Building an Engaged Team

When you start to effectively delegate tasks to a capable team, time starts falling back on your plate, and your mind can focus on how to elevate your practice. Onboarding and explaining your standard operating procedures to your team has to be a leadership priority. When your employees know and understand your vision, their work gets done efficiently and proactively, they’ll suggest ideas to keep further improving workflows.

“Law firm owners need to ask themselves: how much pleasure and enjoyment am I getting out of my law practice on a daily basis?”

Kyle closes with a powerful statement: delegation becomes a necessity; by entrusting minor tasks to capable offshore hands, you, as a law firm owner, will free up valuable time to focus on strategic, client-centered initiatives and think of ideas to propel your practice to the next level; ultimately boosting productivity and ensuring your business continued success. Finding the best offshore talent has become increasingly difficult. However, we are proud to say we offer vetted, amazing, and dedicated offshore Staffers who will help you. SCHEDULE A CALL AND MEET YOUR NEXT VA HERE 

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