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Candid Convos with Kevin Crayon II

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It’s Candid Convos time! The show where Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator) interviews great attorneys and business leaders to learn about their inspiring careers and success stories. For this episode, please welcome Kevin Crayon II! An attorney who specializes in trial work. Kevin is highly sought after for his special expertise in federal employment litigation, including wrongful termination, suspension, demotion, retaliation, and discrimination. Join our conversation and learn how Kevin has upgraded his law firm with tenacity and offshore staffing.

Embracing a Digital Reality

Kevin was always a big adopter of new technologies and tools that facilitated remote work, like conferences and different meetings. After dealing with several stressful situations, Kevin sought out solutions that would allow him to work efficiently and attain a much healthier work-life balance. After the 2020 pandemic, a lot of businesses and practices had to switch to a virtual environment; luckily, Kevin was a step ahead. With a disposal of different tools, his practice was able to continue helping clients.

The missing ingredient in Kevin’s law firm was offshore staffing. Quickly realizing how beneficial it was, he started delegating tasks and breaking down what needed to be done. Kevin shares with Joe how Virtual Assistants have taken up a vital role in the growth of his business by providing support in accomplishing tasks that help the practice scale up.

Leveraging Remote Work

By adding smart capacity with better output, Kevin’s practice grew faster, spending less money.  He also says, “Helping real people offshore is a win-win. GSU’s Virtual Assistants speak great English, work in their timezone, and take advantage of economic arbitrage. However, vetting is crucial, and you need to test your candidates; if they pass the tests, that means they would most likely be amazing in the position. Including your virtual team members in everything that you can delegate is essential. As with in-house teams, remote teams need to be nurtured as well so they feel like they belong.

You, too, can achieve ultimate freedom and increase your law firm’s revenue with amazing virtual employees. We’re living in a digital age, and finding extraordinary people who are committed to helping you grow is now easier than ever. But remember how vetting is crucial; otherwise, you’ll be wasting time and money with turnover. Find full-time VAs and start expanding your reach while focusing on what you know best, generating more business and money. HIRE THE TOP 1% OF VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS HERE.

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