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Candid Convos with Chris Mullins

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It’s Candid Convos time! That’s right, the show where our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator), interviews great attorneys and business leaders. For this episode, please welcome Chris Mullins! A nationally recognized author and speaker on law firm lead conversion. Chris is also the founder and CEO of Intake Academy, which has helped more than 200 consumer law firms tap the power of higher lead conversion.

Intake Through Empathy

Chris shares with Joe the business services they offer and how their growth path has allowed her business to expand and reach more clients. A particular skill Chris’s business teaches to clients is understanding and being empathetic. By combining the representative personality with proper empathetic listening, intake processes get revamped and stronger. While empathy can be hard for some people, through Chris’s training, people can find the right balance and tone that fits their personality while being amicable and empathetic with potential new clients.

“Empathy is a BIG deal for us. We educate our clients on what empathy is and isn’t.” 

When your Intake Specialist is being empathetic during a call, chances are higher for the client to obtain a satisfactory answer. Crossing out the things your Virtual Assistant needs to do during a call will come naturally if they focus on empathy first and not the other way around, where they sound more robotic and forget to humanize the conversation. 

Good Communications Leads To Quality Conversions

To properly assist a potential customer, Chris explains that conversion is the first step. In order to turn a potential client into an actual client, your business needs to have a workflow and process where they nurture and warm the leads. Your Virtual Assistants should help answer or guide clients in the right direction while maintaining an empathetic attitude.

“We make sure there’s always frequent communication with clients; every single week, we have Office Hours where we answer any questions or concerns they might have.”

Thinking about hiring offshore staff for your intake it’s a good idea. However, it’s critical to first have your system and process internally perfectly integrated into your law firm. Hiring and onboarding will become much easier if you already have everything else readily available.

Chris recommends having your team help you take care of the following as soon as possible to make your business thrive:

  • If you are not recording your phone calls, you should start to record all your calls.
  • Listening to all the phone conversations and spotting potential growth opportunities.
  • Provide daily feedback and constantly monitor phone calls and scripts for your team.
  • Avoid missing calls; have your intake team take care of all of them. Some potential clients might only call your firm once. Seize the opportunity!


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