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Candid Convos with Marc Cerniglia (Part II)

Candid Convos featuring Marc Ceniglia, hosted by Joe Bravo.

Welcome back to another episode of Candid Convos! Our host Joe (Senior Community Coordinator) has an intriguing conversation with a returning guest, Marc Cerniglia, Vice President of Spotlight Branding. He works with law firms, financial firms, and small business owners to create an internet presence that positions them as experts in their fields. Last time Marc stated the importance of technology and offshore hiring, join us this time as they delve deep into onboarding and nurturing a great working environment.

Leveraging Virtual Assistance

Marc shares how all of his offshore employees are located in Mexico and how they are incredibly hard-working, committed, and reliable. Making the Staffers feel truly like a part of your business makes a difference; it provides warmth and care and shows you are a great leader who takes care of everyone equally.

When you hire someone offshore, not only are you providing a job for that individual, but you are also contributing to helping them achieve a better and safer lifestyle. You’ll save money by paying someone virtually and also improve their quality of life. VAs will make your business grow, and in the long run, that will allow for higher pay rates for all your employees.

Removing Obstacles

Whether you employ virtual or in-house employees, integrating technology into their workflow can help eliminate barriers, optimize processes, and improve overall performance. As a leader, you can empower your workforce by constantly updating communication processes and workflows that can be constantly optimized for continuous improvement.

Different platforms enable real-time collaboration, document sharing, and video meetings, fostering improved teamwork and enabling Staffers to work together efficiently. With features like shared calendars and task management systems, your VAs can stay organized, track progress, and ensure timely completion of tasks, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity.

In conclusion, Marc states the importance of strengthening your business with great offshore talent and why it’s essential to onboard them properly to get the most out of them. Finding vetted talent sounds hard. Fortunately, we have just the VA you need. DISCOVER THE PERFECT VA HERE.

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