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Candid Convos with Amy Refeca

Candid Convos featuring Amy Refeca, hosted by Joe Bravo.

Candid Convo time! We are excited to share with you our newest Candid Convos, where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner or lawyer who utilizes virtual staff. In this episode, our host Joe Bravo (Senior Community Coordinator), has an insightful conversation with Amy Refeca, an attorney and law firm owner. Passionate about education and regularly speaks for women’s organizations in and around the Metropolitan Atlanta Area, and also shares important education on several social media outlets to assist everyone in demystifying the planning process.

Traditional Goes Digital

Being fascinated by human behaviors throughout history, her professional career started as an archaeologist. After some time, she found a crossroads in her personal life that drove her to make a decision; she decided to pursue a law degree and enrolled herself in law school. In her early years, she was a courtroom attorney; after 10 years, she switched to Estate Planning. Thanks to Amy’s love for marketing, she realized the benefits of virtual work; not all her efforts required being physically present in the office. After the pandemic, it was the first time she decided to hire offshore staffing.

Amy always wanted to be virtual; before the pandemic, she was aligning her thoughts with the possibility of switching to a fully remote environment. She became fully remote, and it was the right track, so the next step became hiring. Switching processes from traditional to digital provided great benefits to her clients, helping Amy’s firm to embrace the new model fully. Thinking about onboarding a Virtual Assistant was at first a frightening thought. After asking her colleagues who already had VAs, the decision was made to hire a remote employee.

Onboarding & Assistance

The scripts for phone calls were already ready to be shared with her new VA once she joined her practice. Amy was very thorough with the standards she wanted to be implemented into her business, especially her client’s experience and service. Onboarding became crucial and the most important aspect of making the virtual experience work.

The fascination with helping other attorneys and business owners has driven Amy to be a coach as well. Her law firm only helps women and looks to create equal opportunities for her within different estate planning scenarios. The effort put into providing a human experience, even remotely, it’s essential to keep the business running and leveling up. Upgrade your law firm with an incredible offshore Staffer, and start your path to freedom! Find Our Top 1% of Virtual Talent HERE.

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