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Candid Convos with Claire E. Parsons

Candid Convos featuring Claire E. Parsons, hosted by Joe Bravo.

Welcome to another episode of Candid Convos! Our show, where amazing business leaders share their valuable insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator). In this episode, we would like to welcome Claire E. Parsons, an attorney, author, blogger, and teacher. She has practiced for the last twelve years in the areas of litigation, employment, school law, special education, and municipal law.

Support Through Mindfulness

The fact that all her family members were lawyers and helped in different ways was a significant factor in her decision to pursue law. She is very protective of her client’s interests and always looks to provide support in difficult situations. Mindfulness is a topic Claire is passionate about and is well-versed in; she has written a children’s book entitled “Mommy Needs a Minute.”

Realizing she needed to live differently, she decided to start a meditation practice. This decision has been an important transformational process that has helped her achieve a true sense of balance and happiness. Adding a creative element into your life can also bring benefits, embracing a hobby and/or practicing an instrument or a sport.

Courage + Compassion = Better Attorneys

Cultivating new habits and sharpening the skillset become important to achieve clear awareness. Knowing how to react to things it’s important and beneficial in the long run, as it provides clarity and a greater sense of wisdom. Helping her clients and community is very rewarding and motivates Claire to keep pushing herself to achieve mightier goals and get better results out of life in general.

Compassion is the capacity to be human, a response to suffering, leaning into it, and wishing well. Courage is what lawyers need to help others efficiently, it rewards you and makes you feel better. In order to help clients open up emotionally, attorneys must deliver compassion to them when they come to them for assistance.

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