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Candid Convos with Ann Badmus

Candid Convos featuring Ann Badmus, hosted by Joe Bravo.

Candid Convo time! We are excited to share with you our newest Candid Convos, where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner or lawyer who utilizes virtual staff. In this episode, our host Joe (Senior Community Coordinator), has a motivational conversation with Ann Badmus. Ann is an Attorney, Law Firm Owner, and the Author of numerous articles, e-books, and books on the subject of Immigration Law.

Stronger Community Through Networking

Ann’s career started in Corporate Law, then decided to do immigration with her own practice, where she has been working in immigration law for more than 30 years. Having control and autonomy is important when running a business, so Ann decided to focus her firm on immigration. Policies and regulations are constantly changing, and cases can turn out to be complex but extremely rewarding.

Ann states that the United States has the most immigrants and that people who take a brave step leaving their home country deserve assistance and orientation toward building a better life as they contribute value economically and culturally to a unique social environment. When she first started her practice, she was fully solo and overwhelmed as she grew. As time went by, she realized she needed time to do the legal work and networking, but some of the administrative tasks were keeping her busy. 

The Importance of Hiring Offshore Staffers

Ann’s team quickly grew to more than 20 members during the course of her firm’s growth. Throughout the years, she realized the actual number of essential employees could be much smaller. Offshore talent also became an integral part of the new team, a much more effective one that’s doing twice the work with half the people. Virtual staff is a great option for integrating virtual tools, like Case Management Accounting Systems, Billing Systems, etc.

First, hiring administrative assistance is one of the top recommendations Ann shares to build a law firm smoothly. Someone who takes care of intake, answering phone calls, chats, emails, etc. For business owners, timewise, it’s impossible to do everything by yourself; starting out with a solid team truly helps the starting curve.

Building a strong team required someone incredible with communication, a great sense of orientation, and a helping attitude. Onboarding was critical to integrate offshore members greatly. Making Virtual Assistants feel truly like a part of your team only provides benefits and commitment from both parties. Finding great talent is easier than ever; you can find the perfect VA for your law firm HERE.

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