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Candid Convos with Monica Cabrera

It’s Candid Convos time! That’s right, the show where our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator), interviews great business leaders. For this episode, please welcome Monica Cabrera, a law firm owner who specializes in real estate law and helping individuals and small businesses obtain and protect their real estate investments.

Improving Workflows Through Offshore Staffing

She started working in the law industry when she was very young and fell in love with the practice immediately. Thanks to the experience of working with a professional attorney from a very young age, she gained valuable knowledge and got a head start in regards to how a practice works. With a lawyer mentor, Monica gained a deep understanding of the behind the scenes of a day-to-day work, and when it came time for Monica to start law school, she was able to dominate right away.

During her time as a full grown attorney, Monica shares how technology evolved and helped get things done more quickly and efficiently. AI tools and virtual staffing dramatically improved her workflow and allowed her practice to stay in the vanguard. She has a hybrid team, with in-house and offshore employees. She states how her virtual assistant is extremely committed, smart, capable and a fast learner.

Building Great Virtual Camaraderie 

When she first got a virtual assistant, Monica had to work her way to properly onboard the Staffer. Swiftly realizing that the distance will not be an issue to get the work done properly and in time. She started implementing weekly meetings with her team, as well as training sessions to keep her employees updated and making them feel part of her law firm. She advocates for constant communication between teammates in order to nurture great camaraderie and a fulfilling working environment.

As a result of offshore staffing and the new AI tools, her practice has been able to improve upon existing tasks and workflows. Learning how to keep constantly evolving and provide better service demands for commitment, and an efficient team is crucial to achieve your business goals. Building the ultimate offshore team is a reality and you can have one as well. Hire the Top 1% of virtual assistants HERE.

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