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Candid Convos with Mark Cerniglia

Candid Convos featuring Marc Ceniglia, hosted by Joe Bravo.

It’s that time of the week, folks; it’s Candid Convo time! In this episode, our host Joe Bravo has an analytical and insightful conversation with Marc Cerniglia, the Vice President of Spotlight Branding. He works with law firms, financial firms, and small business owners to create an internet presence that positions them as experts in their fields. In addition to being a partner in the company, his primary role is as an account manager, overseeing all work done for clients and keeping them in the loop.

The Content Consumption Generation

Marc’s agency focuses on content marketing; he states how, right now, we’re living in the “content consumption generation” where everyone consumes content all the time. There is always something available, and that gives brands an opportunity to reach potential new customers. Content marketing also helps brands to stay in touch with current clients. If a brand is not putting out content regularly, their marketing workflow will have leaks and not help build authority within their industry.

Mark states, “Just because the majority of your business comes from referrals doesn’t mean you’re doing good in referrals.” There’s a big gap between a good referral process and top-of-mind awareness; you need to build a strong nurturing relationship with your clients. Sharing quality content and elevating your brand will help your firm establish authority and charge higher rates, because everyone will want to work with you.

VA Technology Empowerment

It is easier to adopt technology when you have already developed a solid communication strategy, a way to be consistent within your community. It’s not about embracing the hottest tool at the moment; you need to first make the effort to nurture your audience with basic, guaranteed marketing strategies, such as social media content, email marketing, referral program, etc. Technology works as an add-on that will boost your current strategy and help you make better decisions for your business.

Sometimes what stops a firm from growing and scaling is a lack of systems, a lack of written documented ways they do things, and the most frequent reason is “lack of time.” Here’s where your virtual assistants plus AI tools can help you update your policies and guidelines. Besides hiring offshore staffers, Marc’s agency also emphasizes onboarding, and his team works together to create the same in-house and offshore experience. His virtual assistants are all hard-working, and the value they provide has been immeasurable, thanks to their commitment and effort. HIRE THE PERFECT VA FOR YOUR FIRM HERE!

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