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Candid Convos with Vlad Portnoy

Candid Convos Featuring Vlad Portnoy, hosted by Joe Bravo.

Welcome to another episode of Candid Convos! Our show, where amazing business leaders share their valuable insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator). In this episode, we would like to welcome Vlad Portnoy, an attorney in New York who handles cases of estate planning for clients. With a thriving law practice, Vlad has over a decade of experience in the practice areas of estate planning, estate administration and probate, trusts, guardianships, and Elder Law. Come join us and learn the best solution for most attorneys who are struggling to grow their practice.

 A Passionate Realization

Vlad grew up in Russia and from a very young age, eight to be precise, wanted to become a lawyer. He was attracted to the lifestyle and way of work that was portrayed in the late 60s and early 70s, where businessmen would gather in smokey rooms and work with a glass of scotch. In his teen years, he migrated to the United States and quickly started working and grinding towards his dream to become a corporate lawyer.
He made it all the way to Wall Street, achieving his lifelong dream. However, something was missing, and Vlad realized how the void was growing larger, and his position was no longer providing him comfort or motivation to keep being a corporate attorney. After some introspection and advice, he switched companies and practice areas. Working for real people instead of corporations. It wasn’t an easy transition, but after a while, it all became much better. The rewards and peace of mind were incredible, and he knew the real purpose was finally found.

The Staffers Solution

Starting his law firm was difficult; being a perfectionist, Vlad became stuck and felt he was not progressing, even though he had good clients and the skills to solve all issues. He became stuck; he started a vicious cycle where he needed to take care of every aspect of the business. Quickly that evolved into the early stages of the dreaded burnout. He started to reflect and analyze what was going on. Learning that he needs to look at his practice from a business owner’s perspective and not an attorney’s. He was not ready or able to delegate.

After a candid conversation with an old friend, when he was ready to quit, her friend recommended him a good business coach company, and it was something that changed him. For the first time, Vlad felt he was not alone anymore, and everyone was supportive and eager to help him overcome his obstacles. When he learned from our very own Brett Trembly that he had started two businesses, he decided it was time to start delegating and hired the services from Get Staffed Up. He got his first virtual assistant, and the results were swift and incredible; his VA did the job amazingly and went the extra mile. Vlad found his solution and decided to keep adding more offshore staffers. Finally, his business was growing and helping more people.

In conclusion, Vlad shares the importance of nurturing his whole team with Joe. His team huddles every day and the communications channels are always open, to nurture a teamwork spirit and community. He wants to be a good boss, and he appreciates the effort every VA puts in. “Treat people with respect, and they will respect you back and work the right way.” You can also find the solution to your pain points and the ultimate solutions to grow your business.. FIND THE BEST OFFSHORE TALENT HERE.

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