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Candid Convos with James Grant

Candid Convos featuring James Grant, hosted by Joe Bravo.

Welcome to another episode of Candid Convos! Our show, where amazing business leaders share their valuable insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator). We welcome James Grant, an attorney and co-founder of Georgia Trial Attorneys. James is an aggressive and experienced litigator focused on empowering the injured against the greed of the insurance companies. Join us in this special episode as James and Joe delve into the importance of hiring, planning, and delegating to upgrade your practice.

Your Business Works FOR You, not BECAUSE of You

James started his firm to help other PI lawyers make more money faster and with less stress by operating as their outsource litigation department. Many lawyers have a law firm/business, but it is a “hobby.” Because a business should work for you, not because of you. If you are integral to every part of the business, then you’re not properly delegating, you need to create something that works outside of you, and seek assistance from amazing people that are better than you in another important aspect of the business.

Hiring and delegation are one of the most important things a business owner needs to do. James states how you need to look at all the things you are doing and sort it out, stop the “ I need to do this” delegate those minor tasks, and instead focus on the “I must do it”. Yes, you are essential to level up your practice, but without proper delegation, scaling and expansion will take longer to be achieved.

Businesses Don’t Have Feelings (The Importance of Metrics)

James tells Joe how email delegation is essential for any law firm owner. It’s almost impossible to go through all your daily emails and focus on growing your practice at the same time. Almost all the administrative tasks can be delegated, that’s how his lawyers are maximizing their value. Draft a plan, delegate, and execute, and you’ll quickly notice that your workflow improves. 

Leadership is important, and hiring is where it all starts. Hiring a new team member should not be an emotional decision nor a swift one; it takes consideration. James shares how you need to first have ready the key performance indicators and their tasks description. First, evaluate their technical capabilities THEN get to know them on a cultural level to confirm they match your business’s core values. 

Virtual assistant benefits

James’s firm is 99% virtual, only the receptionist handles the mail. However, the excellent streamlined process didn’t happen by magic, and it took a lot of really hard work. Building an amazing team, nurturing the working environment ensures everyone sees each other and creates connection. Leadership is from the top down, and your vision permeates throughout your team and your business. Put in the time and the effort, it’s not easy, but follow a plan, stick to it, and you’ll overcome it. And if you want also to have a remote practice, you can start by hiring extraordinary offshore talent. Our virtual assistants will help you level up and become an amazing leader. HIRE OUR TOP 1% REMOTE ASSISTANTS HERE.

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