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Candid Convos with Dana Richardson

Candid Convos featuring Dana Richardson, hosted by Joe Bravo.

Welcome to another episode of Candid Convos! Our show, where amazing business leaders share their valuable insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator). We welcome Dana Richardson, co-founder of Tibbott & Richardson, PC who is passionate about the work she does for her clients. Dana brings a tenacious work ethic to her practice while treating every client they take with respect and honesty. Discover how efficiency and empathy are the key ingredients to success.

Nurturing Communication

Dana puts her comprehensive legal skills to work in the area of family law, where she helps her clients resolve challenging family issues so that they can move forward with their lives. In order to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious, Dana and her partner have always stressed communication and trust. Her firm aims to provide freedom and justice to everyone who needs a helping hand.

Dana shares with Joe how she always wanted to become a lawyer to help people. She’s a mother, which also greatly motivates her to become the best version of herself. She remarks how important it is to know the significance of human bonds and sympathize to help keep families intact. Most importantly, keeping the children safe and happy is the ultimate priority when a family case involves minors.

Strong Relationships = Better Results

Trying to get people to open up can be difficult, especially when a client feels ashamed or alone. She tries to earn their trust in what Dana refers to as the “No Judgement Zone,” where she sets up a caring environment and allows clients to trust her and the team. Dana tells Joe how she’s not running only a money-making machine but a human vehicle for justice, freedom, and happiness. To be kind to clients is to be a good attorney. Also, internally, a great leader knows how every little detail of her workflow reflects her whole business’s integrity.

Clear communication is essential; it helps keep everyone on the same page and also creates a great work environment and stronger client relationships. Systems, policies, and procedures are essential, so clients know what to expect from their law firm. That’s her favorite part of the business. Working with a VA has also become integral to her success. Every morning they have a team huddle to be together and nurture communication with remote and in-house employees.

Virtual opportunities are endless. With the future of business growth and new technologies, the potential is limitless. Pivoting with technologies provides new tools and new horizons. It is not about being scared of them; they should act as a motivator to level up your law firm. Besides, the law industry will always need human contact. It’s about becoming more efficient while applying anything that helps your business thrive. You can also thrive with the assistance of virtual assistants. HIRE YOURS HERE.

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