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Candid Convos with Scott Rahn

Candid Convos featuring Scott Rahn, hosted by Joe Bravo

Welcome back to Candid Convos! A show where amazing business leaders share their insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator). In this episode, we welcome our incredible guest, Scott Rahn, founding partner of RMO lawyers. He works to resolve contests, disputes, and litigation related to trusts, estates, and conservatorships, creating peace of mind for his clients. Join us and learn the benefits of running a working environment and company mission based on empathy.

A Big Personal Approach

A great number of lawyers aim for big law, a term used to describe large law firms in big cities. Although some attorneys depart from big law after a while in search of alternative opportunities or to launch their own practice. Scott shares how his experience in big law was satisfactory and rewarding. He did, however, wish to start his own company so that he could aid customers in a more individualized manner, as opposed to large law, where clients typically work with institutions.

Specializing in estate planning, cases can be very draining if you ignore the emotional component that is usually involved. Scott focuses on identifying and correcting where behaviors went wrong. Scott emphasizes the significance of taking into account the personal situations that have an impact on the broad picture while acting as a therapist for his clients. Empathy quickly became the main core value for his firm and a great differentiator from other attorneys.

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Elevation & Celebration

He transitions into a therapist and attorney. If you disregard the emotional aspects of estate planning, you will miss the broader picture. Empathy is the biggest value in his law firm, where they engrain a candid working culture. If you teach an empathetic attitude and hire the right people through the lens of your main business core values, you’ll find authentic success.

Scott’s firm is solution-oriented, they are believers in the power of technology. They were even using the cloud and implementing remote work before the COVID-19 pandemic made everyone go virtual. From a cultural perspective, though, it was difficult, so they began nurturing virtually, playing games, doing team-building exercises, and finding methods to keep that cultural celebration going. To realize the full potential of your team, it is crucial to make them feel valued.

In conclusion, Scott states “Take a human approach when it comes to business; relationships are the single most important things in your life, people matter, not material objects”. The chances to succeed will show themselves if you make sincere decisions rather than just those that follow reasoning. Create a solid and trustworthy team, and your legal practice will improve. HIRE EXTRAORDINARY OFFSHORE TALENT HERE.

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