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Candid Convos with Kellam T. Parks

Candid Convos with Kellam T. Parks, featuring our Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

Welcome back to Candid Convos! Prepare to be amazed by the vision and work ethic of the business owner, lawyer, speaker, and coach, Kellam T. Parks. Our host Joe asks some very interesting questions that you will not want to miss. Kellam’s firm Parks Zeigler, PLLC’ specializes in family law, personal injury, civil litigation, credit reporting disputes, cybersecurity, and data privacy. He believes in the power of combining technology and great people, so, please, sit back and join us.

Kellam’s focus on technology keeps him up to date on the latest issues involving cybersecurity and data privacy, allowing him to better serve clients. He has been practicing law for more than 22 years; starting his firm in 2012 after seeking out advice from influential people he admired, who convinced him to do it. Since then he has continued to grow organically and efficiently.

A Paperless Approach

Technology applications can improve legal work, and that is a reality. The legal business is known as a slow-moving industry, thankfully today, it is more common to find different practice areas where processes have been updated to fit a never-slowing digital world. Where cybersecurity to protect client data is now also a must for any law firm that deals with sensitive personal information.

Thanks to what Kellam describes as an “epiphany”, he decided to shift his focus onto a paperless model approach. In the early 2010s that was considered very radical. Few people had yet to gain the digital familiarity to fully invest themselves in virtual processes that were typically handled in person. Kellam’s vision was certain that eventually, everything would be remote and/or digital, and oh boy, was he right.

Building a Better “Mousetrap”

Most lawyers tend to be perfectionists, who want to have everything ready. That is the incorrect approach, according to Kellam. Start before you think you are ready. you are never going to get anything done if you wait for everything to be perfectly prepared. Taking chances and believing in yourself is also extremely important.

Kellam T. Parks realized that if you jump on a trend, you are behind already. You need to do something different and unique that sets your business apart from the rest. “Life is not about boxes, you are not locked in into anything”. Being radical does not always mean extreme methods, it can be just being very creative and envisioning something that most people might not.

Tracking is necessary to know what is working and what is not. Know where to put all your efforts and keep optimizing the things that work. Track and focus your effort on your metrics ALWAYS. Work with others who want to help you succeed. Communicating is also important, people recognize you are providing a service, and you are dealing with real people. You can also have your amazing virtual team here.

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