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Candid Convos with Neil Tyra

Candid Convos with Neil Tyra featuring our Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

It’s Candid Convos time! Welcome back to the place where our host Joe has insightful conversations with amazing attorneys and business owners. In this episode, we’ll learn about the eclectic and incredible life and career of state planning attorney, Neil Tyra. Founder and owner of Tyra Law, whose distinctive business approach has elevated his practice. Thanks to his amazing background in several different industries, generating stronger and better client relationships.

From being a cook to a Nasa employee to a martial arts studio, owner to a successful lawyer, the path of life has led Neil into becoming a state planning attorney. He found the action of nurturing business relationships from different and intelligent perspectives rewarding. Applying different concepts from his previous careers and molding them to fulfill a purpose in his work methodology.

The Art of Not Having an Ego

Neil understands very well and shares with Joe the importance of work-life balance and mental health. From cooking, he took the concept of “shutdown“. Like in the kitchen, closing time and does not disturb mode are activated once the final customer is served.  In the IT world, he leveraged the technology space and worked to optimize his solo practice as much as possible. Martial arts brought dedication, commitment, and discipline. The art of not having an ego while being present and not feeling superior became a “mantra” for his firm.

Somebody is always a little bit better, faster, etc. Having a sense of superiority sometimes can come back and bite you in the as…sistant. It is about preparation and doing the absolute best of your abilities. Neil points out how important it is to always keep upgrading oneself, to always be thirsty for knowledge, and to desire to learn new skills and discover more about this colossal and exciting world.

The Virtual Assistant Hidden Potential

While his practice was not confined to a particular office, Neil was already ahead of his competition because he was already able to work from practically anywhere. This was before the pandemic stroke, so when eventually Covid came to light, he did not struggle to shift his work to a 100% digital environment. Even though Neil had perfected his 100% solo practice mode, his constant quest for knowledge made him realize that delegating could free up more time to try new activities and hobbies. A virtual assistant (VA) was needed.

Through Get Staffed Up he was able to meet and hire the amazing offshore virtual assistant he wanted. Maria from Bogota, someone who Neil describes as “amazing and dedicated”. Thanks to his onboarding process, he taught her the processes and methods of his firm, and quickly she gained the necessary tools to excel and perform her tasks. Neil found the extra time he was looking for thanks to the help of a new reliable and fantastic virtual assistant.

Bigger income with virtual assistant

Taking the Next Digital Step

People fear hiring a VA because they feel uncertain. For Neil, it was simple, because he already had the tools to work with. The onboarding process was crucial because he had to draw it out the processes again. Revisiting helped him notice improvements needed in the firm. Improving his business and his life, as well as his employees, is a true win-win situation. You can acquire the needed tools and the perfect VA as well. We are experts in finding THE right person for your business’s ongoing success.

As Neil shares with Joe, VAs can help you with specific tasks that range from intake to marketing campaigns and much more. Our vetting process made Neil’s VA hiring much smoother and he found a person that ended up helping him a lot more than he was originally thinking. Finding an amazing offshore staffer WILL make you obtain better results, just like Neil, contact us and prepare for a mightier success.

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