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Candid Convos with Lisa Goldenthal

Candid Convos with Lisa Goldenthal featuring our Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

Candid Convo time! We are excited to share with you our newest Candid Convos; where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner, or lawyer, who utilizes virtual staff. In this episode Joe, the host, has a motivational conversation with Lisa Goldenthal. She is the best-selling author of “The Boss Weight Loss”, and creator of the original Skinny Jeans Workout that sold over 100,000 units in Target and Walmart. She is also recognized as an expert VIP High-Performance lifestyle coach, and Corporate Health and Wellness specialist, creating customized plans for clients to combat sleep deprivation, stress, unhealthy eating, etc.

Building An Unbreakable Accountability 

Lisa helps people who are already successful but in need to rediscover their leadership and enjoy their longevity they’ve worked so hard for. She helps them find a plentiful work life balance through health and lifestyle changes. All leadership starts with self-leadership. Taking care of yourself actually allows you to be there, for your family and company.

Not everything is the same for everybody, Lisa shares that it depends on the client and his or her individual needs. Afterwards she helps them locate the gap that’s preventing them to fully succeed and holds them to an unbreakable accountability. Ask yourself: “What do you want, why do you want it and why now?” and start working within a realistic timeline. One small step at a time.

Sustainable Commitment = Realistic Life Changes

Lisa and Joe discuss how typical is for people to break their new year’s resolutions after no more than six weeks. On the other hand maintaining a habit for 30 days it’s easier, it is sustainable.”Habit have to be easy and obvious“. Although sacrifice is required, discipline takes time to build. Remember, it’s what you are not doing. You will fail and slip up, we all do. Forgive yourself and start over with the best knowledge acquired, the mighty power of experience. Perfection is not required, it’s unachievable BUT, you need to strive for it. A growth mindset is better than fixed mindset.

When facing a problem you need to breathe, ask questions and think about it. Reactiveness is not recommended, better to try a controlled perception, analyze and then react. Lisa clearly states: “Working on yourself will you improve all aspects of your life”. People that you influence will notice how you improve your life and react to problems smartly, not blow up when presented with a problem. Building respect, admiration, confidence and authority.

It starts with the little things, for example, find 3 things you are grateful, 3 things you want to work on and, meditate. Tackle your morning routine in and a way that feels natural and effortless for you. Doing something that you love for work, it’s not work, that my friends, it’s happiness. Worth trying at any given point in our lives. Lisa certainly knows firsthand, the method works, it comes down to you and your inner strength. Take action today.

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