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Candid Convos with Luis Scott

Candid Convos with Luis Scott featuring our Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

Welcome back! We are excited to share with you our newest episode of Candid Convos; where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner, or lawyer, who utilizes virtual staff. In this episode Joe, the host has an insightful conversation with Luis Scott, the managing partner at 8 Figure Firm. 8FF specializes in services and insider knowledge to law firms around the country, by focusing on marketing, operations, and leadership.

Luis helps law firms turn into successful businesses that run on their own and deliver predictable revenues and profits. Allowing people to have a better life and live on their own terms. Scott and his firm want to become the authority figure in law firm building across the United States. He has helped over 100 law firms develop $10 million in predictable yearly revenue.

Creating Predictability Within a Growth Ecosystem 

Joe and Scott discuss how in a service-based business, the principles when it comes to predictability with people, don’t change. People are people, and regardless of location, they follow particular patterns of behavior that can be measured and analyzed. In his latest book “The King of Growth“, Scott states “people are predictable, predictability is what allows our firm to tap into an ecosystem of generating wealth for our clients”. Studying people, and trends, and reducing them down to 2 principles. So that others can tap into that predictability that benefits the community.

1) Market Where People Are: Your marketing needs to be where the target is. You need to be where they are. Find points of commonality (where they gather, what they like, events, conferences, etc).

2) Creating Your Message: How you are going to communicate your objectives and the way your business can improve people’s lives. Demonstrate your company’s own unique skillset.

This method of working has allowed Luis and his firm to help over a dozen firms do multiple seven figures, and a lot of them are going to reach the 8 figure mark within a short time sharing how fulfilled he feels when helping someone. Thanks to his firm’s work, over 50,000 people are indirectly being impacted in a good way. “There is no greater feeling of satisfaction“.

Bigger income with virtual assistant

Planning Is Critical, Staffing Is Essential

Luis shares pieces of advice regarding building a firm or business. Putting together a set of documents for the foundation of your company needs to be a priority. Absolute essentials: your goals, initiatives, marketing plan, business plan, and budget. Without those, your way to building a successful firm will be difficult.

Joe asks Luis what keeps him motivated after finding success, and he remarks on how he wants to keep helping people. He wants to become a national renowned public speaker. Building “street credibility” for more than 20 years, where people have resonated with his vision. A life of significance is a meaningful one.

One final piece of advice that Scott shares is, “See the plan, and write the plan”. That is the key to correctly scaling your firm. Each business has a unique journey with different problems, however, planning to implement ALWAYS needs to be considered. The catalyst is the implementation of the plan. In order to anticipate a need, you need staff. Talented people who can perform administrative tasks that do not require physical presence. Now you can find the best of the best through virtual staffing.

If you are growing you need to have a bigger staff. Luis shares how all of his staffers have performed great within his firm and urges people to compare their in-house recruiting. Analyze and evaluate how an offshore virtual assistant would be more beneficial to your business. Give virtual staffing a try and your firm will not regret it.

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