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Candid Convos with Curtis Davey

Curtis Davey

Welcome to yet another episode of Candid Convos! The space where we discuss all virtual staffing in the new remote economy with either a business owner or lawyer who employs virtual staff. This time around, our featured guest is Curtis Davey, the partnership manager for NiceJob. Established in 2017, NiceJob is a cloud-based reputation management solution that helps organizations manage reviews, referrals, and sales. NiceJob focuses on getting reviews from customers and leveraging those reviews to get more leads and more sales.

In this episode Joe, the host, and Curtis discuss reputation marketing. Reputation marketing is an emerging discipline for marketers looking to build brand equity. Additionally, it helps to successfully market to new leads, and drive customer acquisition. Curtis shares how it combines many of the principles and processes of digital marketing and traditional reputation management.  Furthermore, Curtis discusses how powerful customers’ reviews are because they influence purchase decisions.

The value of a Virtual Assistant

Joe asked Curtis his opinion on the value that a virtual assistant (VA) adds to a business. Curtis responded that as someone who works with many companies that use VA’s, business owners are constantly looking for extra help. And as we know in today’s competitive marketplace for talent and for workers, you are not always able to find the workers that you need in the place that you do business. Curtis believes that talent and people who do great jobs are in such high demand right now that oftentimes you cannot fill the roles that you’re looking for.  Thanks to services like Get Staffed Up business owners can find amazing VA’s across the globe whenever they need it. And therefore, be able to fill any role within the company at an affordable price.

On top of that, they discuss the current contrast in the United States. The contrast between a source of employment being created by entrepreneurs and the National labor shortage. Curtis mentions that although the pandemic took us all by surprise and forced businesses to adapt to a new virtual era; those businesses that have not yet adopted a hybrid model should start thinking about how they can virtualize and optimize their operations.

Lastly, Joe and Curtis agreed that when employees are given the freedom to work independently, they’re happier. As they are able to learn from mistakes, creating a framework for the company to learn from itself. And to continually learn how to improve operations and processes.

Contact Curtis Davey:

Website: https://get.nicejob.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/curtismdavey/

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