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Candid Convos with Heather Keith

Candid Convos with Heather Keith and our Brand Ambassador, Alina Lopez.

We’re excited to share with you our newest episode of Candid Convos, where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy. This time, our featured guest is a happy Get Staffed Up client, Heather Keith, founder of Keith Family Law, based in Westfield, New Jersey. 

Keith Family Law specializes in divorce and family law and offers a full range of alternative dispute resolution options.  In this episode, Alina and Heather talk about the challenges Heather faced after being forced to work remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Soon after moving her work home, Heather realized that she needed a professional virtual assistant that she could delegate responsibilities. Although she wasn’t sure of how to manage a virtual assistant, she decided to contact Get Staffed Up, and her expectations were not only met, but far exceeded.

“This is like a miracle to me, she created a system that keeps me out of my email, which was eating up a big chunck of my day.” – Heather Keith

Lynn, a virtual administrative assistant from offshore, with an excellent work ethic, has been working with Heather for a couple of months. Lynn manages Heather’s emails, communicates effectively with firm partners, and creates systems to prioritize tasks.

Heather shared with Alina that Lynn has added immense value to Keith Family Law, and she is now looking forward to hiring a second virtual administrative assistant through Get Staffed Up.

“I needed somebody who was a go-getter, smart, quick, with great communication skills, and I got that and more from Lynn. She jumped in with both feet and immediately she cared a lot.” – Heather Keith

Heather Keith recommends Get Staffed Up services to all the lawyers and business owners who are looking for virtual assistants to delegate their way to freedom.

Watch the complete episode of Candid Convos below and follow the link to maximize your efficiency with an international full-time virtual assistant, CLICK HERE.


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