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Candid Convos with Christine Matus

Candid Convos with Christine Matus and our Brand Ambassador, Alina Lopez.

We are more than happy to share with you a brand-new episode of Candid Convos with our special guest, Christine Matus. In this section we interview Get Staffed Up clients, who are mainly lawyers and business owners. We get a closer look at their professional careers, firms and businesses with a focus on their experience with their GSU virtual assistants. It’s a non-scripted, less than 20-minute interview where we listen to their real testimonials on how the work relationship with their staffers has been so far.

As mentioned before, this week’s Candid Convo honorable guest was Christine Matus. She is the owner and founder of The Matus Law Group, which help its clients ensure financial security and a continued legacy. Christine is dedicated to protecting assets for special needs children so that they can have the lifestyle they deserve. Striving to help people buy and sell properties, she also has vast experience in public service, helping her community through public speaking and publications. 

Christine has two Get Staffed Up virtual staffers working from home for her firm, Mariana (virtual marketing assistant) and Michelle (virtual executive assistant). She described the work relationship experience with them as being wonderful. Christine expressed that she is very grateful and happy with Get Staffed Up’s service. She mentioned that she loves how both virtual staffers are always open to new ideas, and assured that the communication is highly effective, even with the distance between them from working remotely.

“Most of all I think it’s their supportive and proactive attitude that made a big difference. They are all in, they want to help, they’re not shy about asking for more work.” – Christine Matus

Christine said that some external people find it puzzling that they’ve managed to make things work, given the virtual situation. She believes that success is attributed to good communication. Christine also shared that both Mariana and Michelle, the GSU virtual assistants, have been able to bring their own experiences to the table, and that this has been beneficial to the firm. 

“It is important to be open minded to finding other exciting ways to accomplish goals and realizing you don’t always have to do it the same way you thought you had to do it. There are so many different ways to get something done, and we realize there’s a lot of efficiency in how we’re doing things.” – Christine Matus

Watch the complete episode of Candid Convos below! And also, if you want to maximize your efficiency with an international virtual assistant working full-time for your firm, CLICK HERE.




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