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Candid Convos with Giuseppe Grammatico

Candid Convos – How To Work With Virtual Staff [Featuring Guest Giuseppe Grammatico and Get Staffed Up CEP and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly.

We are delighted to share with you our newest episode of Candid Convos with Giuseppe Grammatico! In this section, we discuss virtual staffing with our clients, some of whom are lawyers and other business owners located inside the U.S. For this episode, we decided to make an interesting change. Instead of inviting an actual Get Staffed Up client to chat with us and tell us about their experience working virtually, we decided to do the interview from a different perspective, outside of GSU.

Our special guest for this interview was Giuseppe Grammatico. He is a franchise veteran, coach, author, speaker & consultant who simplifies the process of franchising. Giuseppe excels at guiding his candidates to the business model that best suits their desired lifestyle. His greatest joy is helping people realize the American dream and sharing the freedom that comes from franchising.

Giusseppe is the host of his podcast: Franchise Freedom, to which Brett Trembly, Get Staffed Up co-founder, was once invited as a special guest. You can read our blog about that incredible collaboration HERE, and also listen to the podcast episode. 

During our Candid Convos episode, Giuseppe and Brett, agreed on having the same goal: help their clients find freedom. They both seek this objective, but in different areas. Brett helps his Get Staffed Up clients delegate their way to freedom by providing virtual assistants. On Giuseppe’s side, he takes the franchise’s guesswork out of the process, listens and teaches along the way, and finds the very best fit for his candidates.

During the interview, Giuseppe shared interesting aspects of how franchising is a powerful vehicle for success, but requires a methodical approach and analytical process. One of the things he recommended is to avoid choosing a franchise based on the product or service. Giuseppe assured that this is one of the main reasons why some franchisees fail.

Watch the complete episode of Candid Convos below! Also, if you want to know more about Get Staffed Up’s services and increase your productivity with an offshore virtual assistant working full-time for your company, CLICK HERE..



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