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Candid Convos with Katherine E. Miller

Candid Convos with Katherine Miller and our Brand Ambassador, Alina Lopez.

We are excited to share with you our brand-new episode of Candid Convos! For this section we invite our Get Staffed Up clients to discuss their experiences on how to work with virtual assistants. Katherine E. Miller was our special guest for this episode. Her divorce law firm, “The Miller Law Group”, is based in New York. They are dedicated to the needs of families and children facing difficult decisions about their life and future. Katherine wants to help people divorce with dignity, therefore she created a law firm where clients are viewed as people first and foremost. They also focus on truly protecting the interests of their clients’ children. She believes this is where true strength and advocacy lie and that this is why they are able to help their clients get the best results possible. 

During the interview, it was mentioned that sharing similar values and goals in a team is very important to preserve a beneficial organizational culture. On this topic, Katherine mentioned that having Victor, her virtual assistant from El Salvador has added great value to their workforce. She describes Victor in three words: smart, dedicated, and persistent. 

Victor has been directly involved in marketing projects for The Miller Law Group. Some of his daily tasks include putting together their newsletter and managing the firm’s social media. He is also in coordination with their digital marketing agency in terms of what content is going to be displayed. 

“I think the working relationship with Victor has been invaluable for the firm, plus it’s also very cost-effective.” – Katherine E. Miller

At the same time, Victor follows up with people that have contacted the firm and want to make partnerships. Katherine comments on how people that interact with Victor have given many positive comments about him and his service. They’ve described him as being very smart and thoughtful. 

“He’s an incredibly high-quality employee!” – Katherine E. Miller

Before the interview ended, Katherine confirmed she was in fact considering hiring another virtual assistant due to this great experience. She completely recommends Get Staffed Up to anybody who’s thinking about taking a step further into the growth of their firm. Watch the complete episode of Candid Convos below! And also, if you want to maximize your efficiency with an international virtual assistant working full-time for your firm CLICK HERE.



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