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Candid Convos Featuring Colleen Peffers

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We’re so excited to share with you our newest episode of Candid Convos, where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a lawyer or other business owners who utilize virtual staff. This time, our featured guest is Colleen Peffers, Principal Attorney of Peffers Law, a firm focused in Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Litigation, as well as Corporate Law, based in Ontario, Canada. We don’t always interview clients, yet in today’s episode our guest is also one of our happy Get Staffed Up clients. 

In this episode, Brett and Colleen discuss her experience shifting from an office to a virtual practice when the COVID-19 pandemic started, as well as her experience working with a virtual assistant (VA) from Get Staffed Up. She describes her VA, Nancy, as the other side of her brain and states that all the things that she had been lacking in an assistant, her VA has been able to provide for her.

They also share pretty cool insights on how to onboard your VA and how important it is to make them feel like part of the team just like any other in-house employee, to get better results than the expected ones. Colleen spent the first three months of the pandemic learning where her business was falling down and where it needed help. She began writing new policies and procedures, that’s how she was able to identify what could be delegated and where she needed help. So, she delegated her CRM system and some accounting work, among other tasks, and she couldn’t feel more liberated. Her VA also works as an intake coordinator. They both agree that in the new virtual day and age an amazing new team member could reside anywhere.

What does Colleen say about her GSU virtual assistants?

“She is intelligent and professional. It’s like the other side of my brain. She understands processes and accounting. All the things that I’ve been lacking in an assistant, she’s been able to provide for me. It’s almost like she’s in my head and knows where we need to go next.”

“She’s great with clients, does most of our intake and also helps with the billing. She even implemented a whole new CRM system and has been doing all of the accounting work that my current accountant couldn’t do. She did that within the first 6 weeks of being hired and I’ve been waiting for that type of reporting for 3 years.”

How to contact Colleen Peffers:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pefferslaw/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pefferslaw/ 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colleen-peffers-8664aa5a/   
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pefferslaw

Watch our Candid Convos featuring Colleen Peffers here:

Candid Convos Featuring Colleen Peffers


“Somebody really good for you can live anywhere.” — Brett Trembly

“The goal is to have a happy work environment, a happy home environment, and make sure that my team is respected and taken care of.” — Colleen Peffers

“Having my virtual assistant is like having my right arm but she just happens to live in Honduras.” — Colleen Peffers

For more information, contact Get Staffed Up HERE.

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