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Candid Convos featuring Angela Miller

Candid Convos featuring Angela Miller

We’re thrilled to share with you our first episode of Candid Convos, where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a lawyer or other business owner who utilizes virtual staff. This time, our featured guest was Angela Miller, from The Spiggle Law Firm based in Arlington, Virginia.  We don’t always interview clients, but today’s episode is one of our happy Get Staffed Up clients. 

In this episode, Brett and Angela discuss how to work with virtual assistants (VAs). Angela shares her experience in having a hybrid virtual framework and a VA from Get Staffed Up that works as an Intake Specialist. They share pretty cool insights about onboarding and training a virtual team member.

Onboarding an offshore VA is an easy task. There is no reason why onboarding a new employee needs to be a headache; as long as you take the necessary steps, the onboarding process can run smoothly. To prepare your business to onboard an offshore virtual assistant you just have to take into consideration: software and equipment, task delegation, and communication and reviews. Read more about how to prepare your business to onboard an offshore VA HERE.

At Get Staffed Up, we staff your law firm with incredible, full-time, offshore virtual assistants in three key areas: Administrative Virtual Assistant, Marketing Virtual Assistant, and Clerical Virtual Assistant. Our mission is simple: to help lawyers delegate their way to freedom. We were founded by two lawyers who thought that running a law firm should be insanely joyful (we’re changing lives, after all) – but didn’t find that joy until their teams were sufficiently large enough so that the lawyers only focused on what was important to them.

Watch our Candid Convos featuring Angela Miller here:

Candid Convos – How Other Attorneys Utilize Virtual Staff Members [featuring Guest Angela Miller]

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