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Did Your 2024 Start with a Marketing Roadmap?

Several weeks ago, we recommended upgrading your law firm’s marketing as a business resolution, where you and your team build an incredible, sharp, and organized marketing roadmap. Every law firm needs to market its services to attract new clients. While the marketing fit is more obvious for some practice areas (like personal injury or family law), no matter what type of law your firm specializes in, there’s a role to be filled. However, it’s already 2024. If you haven’t started, what are you waiting for? And how do you plan to get there – particularly if you don’t have a marketing department today?

Fear not; we want to share one of our most successful webinars that will help you do just that. In this webinar, expert guest speaker Jeff Goldscher, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer at JK Squared, will show you why you need a marketing roadmap and how to build one. By sharing his experiences, having built road maps for hundreds of different organizations over his 30 years in marketing, including law firms. He’ll explain what a “fractional” CMO is and why you might want to consider one. Get started and learn the process Jeff has followed consistently to create successful roadmaps and how to plan for a marketing investment to help your law firm grow. 

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Leveling Up with Virtual Marketing Assistants

If your business does not have a strong online presence, it will fail to compete with other companies that do. It is essential that your law firm (like any other business) be present in the digital world and take advantage of all the technological advancements available to improve and reach clients. Marketing Assistants can help your law firm with marketing efforts by using a variety of tools to manage social media, email marketing, content creation, and analytics.    

It’s no secret that fully digitalized law firms are conquering the market; it’s obvious for some people who embraced the new models after continuous globalization. Remote work has dramatically expanded its capabilities, allowing for remote teams to create extraordinary content. 

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Delegation & Content Creation

While others are still skeptical about offshore staffing, we can confirm the effectiveness of these virtual law firms (our very own CEO, co-founder, and attorney, Brett Trembly, runs an incredible law firm with a hybrid virtual model). In his newest book, “24 Months to Freedom”, he recommends adding a Virtual Marketing Assistant to your team so you, as a law firm owner, don’t have to worry about the demanding aspect of keeping a strong online presence.

24 months to freedom by Brett Trembly book is out now

Delegate to a smart, capable, and offshore team and focus on growing your business. Your Marketing Assistants can leverage a plethora of online tools to further strengthen their capabilities. From AI tools to content creation management to video editing, your marketing arm needs to be as strong as it can be to attract the right audience.

Meet your new Top 1% Virtual Marketing Assistant
Meet your new Top 1% Virtual Marketing Assistant

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