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12 Staffing Resolutions To Conquer 2024

As another year of hard work comes to an end, the time for festivities and celebrations officially begins. Teams, families, and communities gather to spend quality time together and acknowledge dedication and achievements. One common and powerful instance where people share resolutions is during the New Year’s parties. 

Commitment to becoming healthier, working out more often, reading more, pursuing that particular dream hobby, etc. Resolutions are a great way to start the year truly motivated, but as important as personal resolutions are, professional resolutions are equally important. From aligning objectives to improved internal communication to time management and, of course, delegation, here are 12 Staffing Resolutions your Virtual Assistants can help you accomplish to make your law firm stronger and conquer 2024.

1- Read “24 Months To Freedom”

Your first staffing resolution will change your life and boost your law firm’s effectiveness. “24 Months to Freedom” is the newest book by Get Staffed Up’s CEO and delegation expert, Brett Trembly. The book mainly focuses on how you can follow the ultimate game plan to staff your law firm with incredible offshore assistants and achieve freedom through smart delegation.

It’s been a hit between solo and small-firm owners alike, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. At GSU, we believe this book contains tremendous value not only for solo and small-firm owners but also for any entrepreneur.

banner with a yellow to orange background and the title "Your three free chapters of 24 Months to Freedom are here! to the left, and a semi opened book image to the right

With “24 Months to Freedom,” you’ll be able to tap into the expertise and experience of Brett, who, first hand, has witnessed and crafted a step-by-step plan. Gain fresh perspectives and valuable insights from triumphs, failures, and strategies, enabling you to learn from their successes and avoid common pitfalls. Our VAs are known for their perseverance, resilience, and determination. Working with offshore staffers can reignite your passion and drive, reminding you of the limitless possibilities to take your law firm where you’ve always dreamed of. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.

2- Hire an Executive Assistant

Your first hire is the key to your success; if you don’t have an Executive Assistant, you are the Executive Assistant. Sad but true. However, it is possible to get back your time and focus as you delegate tasks to your new EA. Stop costing your firm $50 for every ten minutes you act as your own assistant. With the help of an EA, you’ll free up your time and focus on the important aspects of growing your business, from managing your email, organizing your calendar, scheduling meetings, placing outbound calls, etc. An EA is a resolution that will benefit dramatically your productivity.

Learn more about our top 1% of Executive Assistants from Latin America HERE.

3- Build a Marketing Roadmap

A very useful resolution you and your team will love is the one where your law firm builds an incredible, sharp, and organized marketing roadmap. Every law firm needs to market its services to attract new clients. While the marketing fit is more obvious for some practice areas (like personal injury or family law), no matter what type of law your firm specializes in, there’s a role to be filled. However, where do you start, and how do you get there – particularly if you don’t have a marketing department today?

Fear not; we want to share one of our most successful webinars that will help you do just that. In this webinar, expert guest speaker Jeff Goldscher, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer at JK Squared, will show you why you need a marketing roadmap and how to build one. By sharing his experiences, having built road maps for hundreds of different organizations over his 30 years in marketing, including law firms. He’ll explain what a “fractional” CMO is and why you might want to consider one. Get started and learn the process Jeff has followed consistently to create successful roadmaps and how to plan for a marketing investment to help your law firm grow.

Watch the Webinar HERE.

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4- Strengthen Your Marketing Team

If one of your “personal” resolutions is to “build a stronger network,” first, you need to be seen where your audience is. Build a powerful digital presence with the help of an incredible offshore Marketing Assistant from Latin America. Technology keeps advancing at an incredible pace, and keeping up with all the latest updates and new tools can seem a bit daunting. 

One thing is certain: if your business does not have a strong online presence, it will fail to compete with other companies that do. Your law firm (as any other business) must be present in the digital world and take advantage of all the technological advancements available to improve and reach more and better clients. Gather quality leads through smart campaigns developed and executed by a Marketing Virtual Assistant. You’ll be “top of mind” with your clients when they see a constant stream of creative content on social and more.

Learn Tools Your Marketing Virtual Assistant Can Use to Optimize Your Law Firm HERE.

5- Hire a Client Happiness Coordinator

One gesture that is universally praised, even in professional environments, is sharing gifts or whatever token of appreciation. Business relationships have always been an integral part of achieving and maintaining success. Just like any other relationship, nurturing, communication, respect, and trust are essential components needed to maintain a long-lasting commitment. The Client Happiness Coordinator is an incredible English-speaking, college-graduated Virtual Assistant who will take care of improving your clients’ relationships and much more. Learn the tasks you delegate to your new CHC in this blog.

Schedule a meeting with your new Top 1% Client Happiness Coordinator HERE.

Download GSU’s Delegation Calendar HERE

6- Implement AI and Convert More Leads

We can say for certain that 2023 was the year when AI became truly mainstream. ChatGPT and many other new software made their way into a plethora of industries. The legal industry has embraced the AI model as well. Another staffing resolution we recommend is to start implementing AI in your law firm and convert more leads. Lucky for you, we have another eye-opening webinar you can leverage. Chad Burton shares how AI is revolutionizing law firm intake processes, bringing efficiency, accuracy, and improved client experiences to the legal industry. By automating data collection and organization, enhancing client communication, facilitating case assessment, and ensuring compliance and data security, AI-powered tools streamline the intake process and enable law firms to focus on providing high-quality legal services. 

Your law firm needs to embrace AI technologies so you can gain a competitive edge; this will allow you to deliver faster, more efficient services while maintaining high standards of accuracy and confidentiality. Watch the webinar HERE as Chad guides us through the process, showing the best way to upgrade your law firm’s intake and answering questions regarding AI implementation for growth. 

7- Get More Positive Reviews for your Business

Another powerful resolution you should implement immediately in 2024 is getting more positive reviews and testimonials for your business. Testimonials and reviews are among the most powerful tools for establishing a reputation in your respective industry. Your Client Happiness Coordinator will come in handy as he helps you collect positive feedback from your clients and peers. This holiday season is the perfect time to help each other with great reviews, recommendations, and, why not, even referrals.

Download our exclusive resource “Getting More Reviews To Build Your Reputation Online” HERE.

8- More Resources for a Resourceful Virtual Team

Your team is great, but it can be better. There is always room for improvement. We recommend a “resourceful” resolution that will make your team stronger and more efficient. Sharing resources with your offshore team is essential to foster engagement and ensure that your legal professionals stay abreast of the latest industry trends. By providing access to up-to-date materials, training programs, and relevant legal trends, you not only empower your offshore team with the knowledge needed to excel in their roles but also strengthen the overall cohesion and efficiency of your law firm.

Visit Our Resources Library HERE.

9- Run a Great 2024 Annual Retreat

If this year you’re law firm did not have an annual retreat, you should resolve to have an incredible one in 2024. Boost happiness and commitment with a powerful retreat. it is important and recommended to run an annual retreat to acknowledge achievements and foster a sense of community within your law firm. Learn from expert Cesar Quintero how to run a successful annual retreat in this exclusive webinar.

Watch the Webinar HERE.

10- Write that Book

Does your itch to write an amazing book continue? Stop procrastinating on an incredible and highly recommended project. Another resolution for you: write that book! Create something that makes your prospects take action. Being persuasive and honest will motivate even more people to acquire your book. People will read to sell themselves out of the problem and to meet you. 

In this exclusive and insightful webinar, follow Steve Gordon’s roadmap and be prepared to dramatically increase your lead generation and business authority with the help of the book you’ve always wanted to write. Give your potential new clients solutions to the problems they keep experiencing and keep them awake at night. Books are still an extremely efficient way to create trust and referrals for your business. 

Watch Our “Write That Book” Webinar HERE.

11- Make 3X on Your Billing Clerk

A common resolution business owners tend to commit to is  “make more money”. However, that is easier said than done. Unlock the potential for a 3X increase in efficiency by incorporating the talents of our Top 1% Billing Assistants into your law firm. Highly adaptable and technology-driven remote professionals who will help you streamline billing processes, minimize errors, and allow your team to focus on substantive legal work. Learn about all the tasks you should delegate to your Billing Assistant HERE. As a bonus, we are sharing an exclusive workshop with the one and only Kristen David, where she’ll show you how to boost your earnings and revenue with billing clerks.

Watch the Webinar HERE.

12- Expand Your Virtual Team

Last but not least, your team is an extension of your business. They are integral to achieving the goals you want for your law firm. Expand your team with our extraordinary Virtual Assistants. At GSU, we recruit internationally to staff law firms with the Top 1% of candidates who apply. Placing the right people in the right companies in the roles of administrative, marketing, and professional assistants allows attorneys the ability to focus on protecting their clients and growing their businesses. GSU has placed Staffers in law firms of various sizes in locations around the country, and our growth mirrors the success of our clients. Learn what type of VA your law firm needs HERE.

Become part of the delegation community and start delegating your way to freedom with these powerful and effective staffing resolutions. Learn about all the positions we offer HERE to help you take your business to the next level. Let’s Get Staffed Up and conquer 2024! Schedule a meeting to solve all your staffing questions HERE

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