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4 Powerful End-Of-Year Staffing Tips

The last few weeks of the year is a time when some of the last business decisions are made that will impact their objectives for next year. Many law firm owners might get caught in the last hassle of the year, but others will delegate their last pending to-dos to their team in order to start fully enjoying the holiday season with their families. As the year draws near its end, we’ll delve into four powerful end-of-year staffing tips to empower businesses and set the stage for an unforgettable new year.

1) Deliver Appreciation Messages To Your Clients and Peers

Nurturing relationships involves dedicating attention and effort. Gifting something honest as a token of appreciation is a kind and powerful gesture that strengthens the bond. However, this doesn’t mean you should create personalized items for every client and peer you have. You can delegate tasks to your Client Happiness Coordinator (CHC) and have them help you create an efficient strategy to communicate your appreciation.

Your CHC can assist with creating different “thank you” email templates, segmenting your clients into different lists, and drafting the specifics of each one in order to rank importance. Maybe you would like to create personalized videos? Have your Virtual Video Coordinator help you with the process of recording and editing. Whatever tactic you decide, it’s highly recommended to leverage the power of Virtual Staffers to save time and increase productivity.

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2) Foster Employee Development and Engagement:

Your team is essentially your right hand when running your business, and your hand needs to be agile, efficient and focused. After a year of hard work, your team has become stronger, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t advocate for constant internal growth. There are a lot of ways you can increase your team’s engagement; one that’s very efficient is offering them the possibility of accessing virtual workshops, seminars, courses, etc. Your team will most likely show interest and will want to keep honing their skills further, which, in consequence, makes your law firm stronger.

Your Executive Assistant can help you gather information about digital platforms that offer courses and categorize the ones your team is interested in. If courses are something you are not particularly interested in right now, perhaps you should try different internal activities to boost morale that can help you cement a strong team relationship and close the year with the best attitude.

3) Compile Great Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are among the most powerful tools for establishing a reputation in your respective industry. Once again, your CHC will come in handy as he helps you collect positive feedback from your clients and peers. The holiday season is the perfect time to help each other with great reviews, recommendations, and, why not, referrals.

4) Celebrate With an Annual Retreat

In your law firm, employees are working on the final touches of their pending work and or planning for next year. As we previously mentioned, generating ideas and strategies for the upcoming year is crucial to the success of a business. The value of a great annual retreat is unmeasurable; at the end of the day, you work with real people. Communication and vision go hand in hand when it comes to successfully running a law firm or business. Find a way to do it, the way it resonates with your company’s identity, and prepare for a very productive session. In fact, we have an exclusive webinar where you can learn how to run the perfect annual retreat. WATCH IT HERE.

In conclusion, December is a strategic month, where important decisions are made and also the perfect time to acknowledge your gratitude towards others. Have your offshore team help you with different tasks and deliver incredible and powerful messages to your clients and audience. December is also a perfect time to hire incredibly talented people who are happy to start working with you. HIRE YOUR NEXT VIRTUAL ASSISTANT HERE.

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