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Incremental Systems for Hiring and Task Delegation With Brett Trembly


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Our CEO and co-founder, Brett Trembly, was a special guest in the “Systems Simplified Podcast”, hosted by Adi Klevit. He discussed the business principles outlined in his newest book, “24 Months to Freedom.” Learn how law firms and business owners can find a detailed roadmap that will lead them to higher profit margins and greater freedom. Through virtual staffing, Brett has found a way to improve workflows and build stronger teams exponentially.

As Law Firm Owner, Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

According to Brett, who’s also a law firm owner, time is an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset. He has developed a 24-month hiring process for business owners to protect their time and focus on growth. This roadmap involves hiring Virtual Assistants gradually and systematically, beginning with an Executive Assistant to relieve you of minute tasks. From there, you should hire a Receptionist, a Marketing Assistant to develop a system for generating conversions, an Intake Specialist, a Billing Assistant, a Legal Assistant, and a Client Happiness Coordinator.

“Virtual Assistants’ mission and job is to put time back on your plate.”

Every position in each chapter comes with a crafted guide to success and metrics you can use to track your progress. It’s time to take action and start building the law firm of your dreams. Virtual Assistants are the Top 1%, and why law firm owners should always expect a quality vetted new member. Improper hiring could lead to money and time losses, and we aim for the opposite.

A New Perspective About Delegating

When facing a growth challenge, we encourage you to question your existing practices, reassess your business goals, and explore new avenues for growth. By implementing a remote staffing model like “24 Months to Freedom” suggests you’ll be able to visualize new possibilities, upgrade workflows, delegate tasks, etc. You can avoid stagnation and continue pushing the boundaries of your law firm’s success.

“You can’t have any excuses when it comes to smart hiring. In order to grow, you need to delegate and focus on your role as a law firm owner.”

With “24 Months to Freedom,” you’ll be able to tap into the expertise and experience of Brett, who, first hand, has witnessed and crafted a step-by-step plan. Gain fresh perspectives and valuable insights from triumphs, failures, and strategies, enabling you to learn from their successes and avoid common pitfalls. Our VAs are known for their perseverance, resilience, and determination. Working with offshore staffers can reignite your passion and drive, reminding you of the limitless possibilities to take your law firm where you’ve always dreamed of.


Incremental Systems for Hiring and Task Delegation With Brett Trembly

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