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The OI90 Formula: A Massive Time Hack for Lawyers with Brett Trembly


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Get Staffed Up’s CEO and Co-founder, Brett Trembly was a special guest on the “Maximum Lawyer Podcast,” hosted by Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux. Learn with Brett as he introduces the OI90 formula, a three-step business system consisting of office hours, an issue matrix, and a 90-minute weekly team meeting. Discover the importance of protecting your valuable time and focusing on high-value tasks. 

The OI90 Formula

A lot of lawyers avoid taking risks or hiring employees when they start, but sometimes that means you are the entire business. Solely relying on your own efforts and actions, and focusing on minor tasks will most likely lead you to burnout. Most of your time gets consumed with busy work, like creating marketing content, answering emails, managing your schedule, etc. Having no time or energy for high-value work will make your path to success much harder.

The usage of this formula simplifies your own To-Do list and helps you avoid being distracted by low-value tasks. By following the next simple three steps you’ll be able to decrease time spent on non-income generating work and increase your productivity on work that matters.

Office Hours, Issue Matrix & 90 Minute Weekly Meetings

Office Hours: 

These are times in the week that executives and managers can set aside to answer questions, address issues, and discuss topics with employees. This encourages your employees to approach managers, promotes transparency, and ensures effective communication. Implement it correctly, and save up to 20 weekly hours.

The Issue Matrix:

A matrix consists of questions that your staff must ask themselves to figure out if they can resolve the issue on their own, without your involvement. Protecting your time is of the essence and whenever someone does need your guidance, they’ll come prepared to attack the issue and waste no time.

90 Minute Meetings:

These meetings can take place either physically or virtually. These meetings must start and end on time, to maximize efficiency. Run an effective meeting, with a clear agenda and designated times for each section of the weekly meeting. This method allows leadership to run a tighter ship and keep track of all the important issues that require your attention.

In conclusion, Brett shares how powerful and effective the 0I90 formula has been for both of his businesses and how it will drastically improve your workflows and your team communication.

Would you like to know more in-depth details about the OI90 formula? We’ve got you covered. Find our exclusive resource and start implementing these game-changing tactics into your business. DOWNLOAD THE RESOURCE HERE.


The OI90 Formula: A Massive Time Hack for Lawyers with Brett Trembly

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