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24 Months To Freedom With Brett Trembly


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Our CEO and co-founder, Brett Trembly, was a special guest in the “Lawyer Business Advantage Podcast”, hosted by Alay Yajnik. Talking about Brett’s newest book titled, “24 Months to Freedom,” law firms and business owners can find a detailed roadmap that will lead them to higher profit margins and greater freedom. Through virtual staffing, Brett has found a way to improve workflows and build stronger teams dramatically. Learn how you can achieve freedom in less than 2 years HERE.

The Hiring Gameplan

Brett starts sharing how his experience building a law firm on his own was very exhausting. Being a true solo or owning a small size firm requires an incredible amount of work that can’t nor should be handled solely by you. Burnout will undoubtedly make its nasty entrance into your lifestyle, and finding success will start looking like a very long shot. Brett states the importance of hiring seven key entry-level positions into your business and how these virtual individuals will amaze you through hard work and dedication.

While the book says it’s 24 months, some lawyers or business owners could choose a different route and find success. It’s highly recommended to follow the laid-out path in the book. However, businesses have unique requirements, and one position might not fit you. However, the crucial aspect is hiring; for example, starting with an Executive Assistant who protects your time and manages your calendar will double your revenue just by allowing you more time to focus on billable important tasks.

A Resilient Virtual Team

Brett tells Alay why Get Staffed Up’s Virtual Assistants are the Top 1% and why law firm owners should expect a quality vetted new member always. Improper hiring could lead to money and time losses, and we are aiming for the exact opposite. 

“A good employee should make you money. Every time you hire someone, it should be to save you time so you can spend more time doing what brings the money into the firm.”  – Brett Trembly.

With Brett’s unique formulas, you will discover how quickly you can hire extraordinary talent into your ranks by following the path to freedom. Every position in each chapter comes with a crafted guide to success and metrics you can use to track your progress. It’s time to take action and start building the law firm of your dreams.

Here’s a FREE glimpse into “24 Months to Freedom. Download the first three chapters HERE.

Ready to start? Get the ultimate delegation book HERE.

Would you like to meet your next incredible Virtual Assistant? Schedule a call HERE.


24 Months to Freedom with Brett Trembly

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