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Free Up Time with Offshore Virtual Assistants


FREE Up Time With Offshore Virtual Assistants: with Brian Glass
Brian Glass is a personal injury lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia. His practice focuses on representing injured people against insurance companies and those who hurt them. He is also the podcast host of “Time Freedom for Lawyers“. In this episode, Get Staffed Up’s Sr. Community Coordinator, Joe Bravo, joins Brian. Listen and learn how to free up time with offshore virtual assistants.

Panoramic Law & Virtual Opportunities

Brian and Joe share talk about commonalities between the Mexican and American educational systems, in particular regarding the law. In both scenarios, neither emphasized the business aspect of the law, focusing mainly on the big law picture. Where students want to work in established firms. Only a small percentage of students end up in big law and are still, not fully prepared for how to run the business side of a law firm.

Delving into the remote work lifestyle, Joe shares how he realized that his former job was not fulfilling and why he looked for better and virtual opportunities. After finding Get Staffed Up, Joe started to experience the benefits of a work-life balance and improve his professional skills as well. Working in a great virtual environment where communication and willingness to work are found in every team member.

Leveling Up Your Law Firm with Virtual Assistants

During and after the pandemic, different opportunities arose and virtual positions became much more requested. Leaders are looking to improve the talent they hire and save money; that’s when offshore staffing becomes the best option. Vetting talent can be overwhelming when trying to handle all of your responsibilities simultaneously. Joe makes a particular remark about our strict selection of amazing candidates to work as virtual assistants for lawyers. Brian shares his thoughts on the benefits of helping remote staffing, and the win-win opportunities it provides for the VA and yourself.

Great lawyers are aiming to free up their own time and money and grow their business while also providing a great living to great employees living overseas. Finding the right talent has so much more value that you think, the right person becomes a full-time team member and the growth opportunities are endless. As a leader yourself, molding your virtual assistant for your exact needs must be a priority. Onboarding is crucial, help your VA understand how your business work, and they will quickly adapt to perform to help you with your pain points.

It’s easy, as soon as you free up time with offshore virtual assistants the results will speak for themselves. The are so many ways a VA can help your law firm grow, we want to share a special resource that will help you decide where would a virtual assistant will benefit you. DOWNLOAD IT HEREHire the best international talent available today, and start saving money and leveling up your business. Hire your new virtual assistant today, and start delegating your way to freedom. CLICK HERE FOR A VA

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