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Law Firms and Finance: How to Keep Growing When There is a Labor Shortage


Law Firms and Finance: Growing when there is a labor shortage

Winter winds gently blow throughout the region, where holiday lights bathe in warm light on the streets of cities. Businesses and law firm owners are in their last efforts to close the year in the best way possible. Looking into the future with hopefulness and a desire to keep growing, although appreciated, it will not solve your problems and action will be required. During the holidays, labor shortages intensify, and finding good talent this late in the year might seem impossible.

Thankfully there are ways to improve during this holiday season. Join our very own Joe Bravo as he has an insightful conversation with Terrell Turner, Law Firms and Finance podcast host. They talk about labor shortage and looking overseas for talented solutions, aka, offshore staffing. Come wind or tide or winter gale, virtual staffing horizonless solutions keep shifting the business landscape.

Jingle Jangle: Hiring International

Joe shares his upbringing as a Mexican lawyer and his way up from entry-level positions, to client-facing ones. Finding good job opportunities is not easy, and finding places where you are treated as a human being and where motivation is a constant factor, is even harder. Get Staffed Up offered Joe the possibility to combine elements of the things he loved to work on and on top of it all, 100% virtual. Working from home, in a great job, and with great people.

Joe and Terrell share how important it is to find the perfect match for a virtual assistant. They help you generate more billable hours. Not only that but adding a committed virtual assistant to your team will benefit your overall work culture. No physical barriers and limitless opportunities for talented people to work for talented leaders. There is still time to hire your new amazing virtual assistant to close/start the year the best way possible. If you have any questions regarding what a VA can do for your law firm, CLICK HERE for a free resource that will enlighten you on the virtues of offshore staffing.

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