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5 Things To Delegate On Thanksgiving

5 Things To Delegate This Thanksgiving

With plentiful turkey, roasted autumn harvest, and warm feelings of sharing, instantly one holiday pops into mind. Thanksgiving is one of the most loved holidays in the United States and for many wonderful reasons, it stands for sharing, loving, and companionship between family and friends. Support amongst colleagues is reinforced between companies. Team efforts are one of the main foundations of delegation, starting with a fierce leader who knows how to assign tasks and focus on the main parts to upgrade their business.

Thanksgiving also comes with a lot of work and preparation, it’s the final stretch of the year, and the holiday season is right around the corner. Now, this could mean two things for your business, one, it could be an absolute blast of a year closure, or two, it could be a Christmas nightmare if tasks stack up because you did not properly delegate. Follow these simple 5 things to Delegate on Thanksgiving, and enjoy an unforgettable time with your loved ones.

1) Calendar Management

It’s not only about excellently closing the year, it is also about starting the next one, even better! So before you start looking at smokey delicious turkeys, perhaps a calendar management session could be first. It’s really easy, you just delegate to your virtual assistant (VA) to keep track and manage your calendar. Keeping you updated and prepared to know what should be your next move. A clear calendar will work wonders for you and your VA.

2) Clients Follow-Up

It’s been more than 400 years since the Pilgrims first corn harvest proved victorious and now we rip our hairs out because we have too many clients to follow-up with… talk about progress. Your firm can prove that we are much more capable to nurture relationships with today’s technology. Now it’s all about connection, and the great news is that it’s truly easy to keep in touch with your clients. Have your VA keep your database up to date and with your guidance help craft a personalized message that your customers will relate to and most importantly, dearly appreciate.

3) Gifts and Rewards for your Clients

History constantly tells us a valuable experience with Thanksgiving, sharing and acknowledging others is essential to build resilient and strong relationships. Our clients treatment CANNOT be any different than that. Fortunately, showing recognition to your customers through the help of your virtual assistant is no colossal task at all. It is about showing you thanked them for their business, so there are no particular guidelines to what to share with them, it comes down to your personal style, message, branding and good intentions. From a simple thank you email to a personalized turkey delivery. Gifts ain’t rocket science, give it a thought, decide and let your VA do the rest.

4) Email Management

There was a wondering pilgrim who was preparing to go on a trip to a trade. He was about to leave when he gave a glance at his imaginary mega-never invented-absolutely made up-for-example-purposes- retro 1640’s computer. Suddenly he realized he had like 458 ancient emails! The shock was so great he almost plummeted to his grave. The End.

Pretty grim and short story I would say BUT, we are in mighty 2022 and email delegation is no longer a constant grinding, but actually pretty manageable. The secret formula is to have your VA curate the important emails that need attention first. With your personal touch as a guide, the rest is taken care of immediately by your virtual assistant.

5) Content Generation and Administration

Your social media, your webpage, your blogs, your gifts, your emails, your mental help, STOP. Think about the breathtaking smell of a warm thanksgiving meal with your loved ones… ah, what a relief. Now please, don’t lose that feeling because it actually can happen. Be present on social media on holidays is no walk in the park, it requires planning, execution and preparation to improvise. Guess what? WE ALSO have Marketing Virtual Assistant, that can generate fantastic content for your audience.

Now you know 5 things to Delegate on Thanksgiving. Enjoy Thanksgiving day how it’s meant to be celebrated. Share wonderful times with your family and friends. Nurturing relationships cannot be a designated tradition, they need to be on constant motion. A great leader knows how to delegate, keep being one and also improve your team with the added muscle and brain of amazing offshore virtual assistants. Now, after delegating these tasks… It’s meal planning time!


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