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Marketing Assistants and Video Editors

If you’re like most business people, you have a million new marketing ideas before breakfast. However, you either don’t have the help you need to test these ideas, so they sit on the shelf for years (let’s be honest – how long have you been saying you were going to write a book?), or you’re paying someone so much that you don’t have resources to sit around while your assistant takes way too long to put your marketing ideas in motion. Frankly, marketing is a tough position to fill effectively. Unicorns that can take over all your marketing simply don’t exist. Our solution? Hire someone extremely competent at such a reasonable rate that you have the wherewithal to try idea after idea while you’re learning what works. Want to really crush your competition? Wait until you’re suddenly EVERYWHERE, live and online, and still knocking your legal work out of the park. That’s when owning a law firm starts to get really fun.

Social media management
Live chat management
Booking/coordinating speaking events
Constant LinkedIn engagement
Target market research
CRM management
Client surveys and gifts
Special events and projects

Our Promise

One of the toughest challenges in any small business, and especially in a law firm, is finding and retaining great talent at the administrative level positions. And marketing? Even young people these days want over $60,000/year for a marketing position with no experience. Our virtual offshore Marketing Assistants have a degree and experience, and they would be able to request $60,000/year if they lived stateside. Luckily for you, they’re overseas, and we put the economy of scales to good use. A happy, hardworking, highly competent Marketing Assistant that is appreciative of the job and works hard to keep it, for about a third of the cost that someone in the U.S. would cost you? There’s a reason we think this is a no-brainer (and we’re not the only ones). Even better, if you’re a client and our Staffer leaves for any reason, we replace them, for free with our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Talk about value.

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