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I Know What You Did… not Delegate Last Summer

I Know What You Did Not Delegate Last Summer

From the depths, they come at night. They quickly multiply, are the source of burnout, and will never go away… nocturnal tasks of doom! Ok maybe that was a bit dramatic, but Halloween day is upon us and its spooky atmosphere has begun to leak into offices and businesses alike. The last quarter of the year is known for being a very busy time for business owners. Closing the year the right way requires preparation and delegation. Outsmart the dark tasks with the might of virtual assistants. Remember, I Know What You Did… not Delegate Last Summer… you don’t believe me? Let me list them for you, 3 things you should have delegated and now are coming back to haunt you.

#1 “Ghoulish Intake”

Greeting clients, answering emails, and making phone calls, just to name a few. You tried to do most of it by yourself, didn’t you? Now the night ghouls of bad customer service and poor follow-up have gathered beneath the carpet that you swept the tasks under! Well, maybe not precisely there but in your voicemail, inbox, and mind. There’s a silver lining thou, you can quickly delegate these tasks to capable and reliable virtual administrative assistants. They are equipped with knowledge and tools necessary to get rid of those pesky ghouls.

#2 “Ghostly Social Media”

Underneath the moonlight, there’s a social community abandoned. Forgotten in time because the necessary content stopped arriving, now only old irrelevant information roams these empty halls. “It’s easy to be on all social media” you said, now you realized that it actually is not. Planning, reviewing and executing social campaigns requires a full time dedicated marketing virtual assistant. You specify what you want, the marketing assistant thoroughly generates it and sends it to you for approval. Then, you ask for updates and results when needed. Be present where your audience is, with the help of amazing offshore staffing. Consistency is key, don’t turn your community into a ghostly shadow and keep nurturing them with quality information and content.

#3 “Customer Service Cemetery”

At midnight, drums starts pounding the streets with a constant crescendo, the gates of bad customer service have opened and unsatisfied zombie-like clients are coming straight for your brains!… Well, probably not your juicy hamster, but they are definitely coming with dreaded negative reviews and pointy bad criticism. Taking care of the whole customer journey is no easy task, but it is a crucial one that you need to keep ALWAYS in mind. Happiness coordinators (as we like to call them) can literally bring joy to your customer database by warmly checking up on them, providing relevant information and anticipating their needs. Close the cemetery gates and start providing top tier quality service with your virtual assistant.

BUT Watch Out, Beware

In the streets of Halloween the spirits arise and tasks multiply. Redeem your law firm and business with the power of a heavenly virtual team of employees. Fine, promise that was the last dramatic line. I made my point, the things you did not delegate will undoubtedly come back to haunt you. Avoid snowballing tasks and get ahead of the busy holiday season with a strategic plan, but most importantly, with an amazing virtual team. Save money, time and escape once and for all from the claws of burnout.

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