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Movers & Shakers – (Episode 2: Brett Trembly)

Welcome back to Movers and Shakers, the podcast where we interview lawyers to better understand and celebrate their success. In this episode, Brett Trembly, a lawyer, and business owner have some interesting tips and advice for lawyers and what can they do in today’s business world with some offshore talent help.

Learn all about how you can quickly delegate several tasks, with the help of a capable offshore team with Get Staffed Up. Focus on what really matters to your law firm. Helping to change the lives of offshore talent and business owners along the way.

Business Owners are the Backbone of the Economy

Brett’s affinity toward law began at a very young age, watching legal dramas and asking about it his lawyer uncle. Years later he began his own law firm “Trembly Law” which focuses on business franchise and litigation. Later he published a book with information regarding how to lawfully protect your business. Brett realized that in order to really change the world and make an impact, you first need money.

Brett realized that business owners are usually the ones who take chances, invest and vastly improve other people’s lives. Unfortunately, money, time, and inflation become important restrictions.

When the economy is in dire straits or blooming, they are looking for ways to keep afloat and thrive. Business owners really are, the backbone of the economy, so how could he make a difference and help them change the world?

Bigger income with virtual assistant

International Business is Going to make the World more Peaceful

Brett makes an observation, thanks to technology the interview with Joe is taking place, each of them is in a different country. They reflect on how a global economy is inevitable if you really want to succeed. Working with international colleagues should not be a complication. It’s a better way to delegate a task and optimize your time as a business owner.

With experience, a better understanding of the law firm’s needs, and LOTS of preparation to execute his business in the best possible way, Brett launched his most ambitious project yet, Get Staffed Up. Helping lawyers delegate their way to freedom, with the assistance of the top 1% virtual offshore staffing.

Highlighting the multiple benefits such as dramatic cost reduction, boosting people’s lives, and making the business owner’s life easier. This way the right efforts to improve can be applied when needed and not worry about daunting and repetitive tasks.

Implementing a thorough method of recruitment, Brett describes how Get Staffed Up finds the absolute best 1% of possible virtual assistants that can greatly help law firms grow. Offshore staff enjoys a rewarding job and business owners get more time, and money to experience life to the fullest. It’s a win-win situation.

Listen to the full M&S episode HERE.

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