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Business Vitality Podcast


Business Vitality Podcast

Disruptive and innovative mindsets? That’s what Catherine and Brett go for! Get Staffed Up’s co-founder and attorney, Brett Trembly, had the opportunity to speak at the Business Vitality podcast, hosted by Catherine Cantey. Catherine Cantey is a Master Certified Stakeholder-centered coach, supporting CEOs and business leaders to think differently for bigger results. She offers international assistance and people development to organizations by using her unique processes. She has spent over a decade in corporate board rooms, where everyone learns what is working and what is not. As well as how to deliver communication to the front line to manage processes better.

During the episode, Catherine, the host, and Brett recognize the hiring stages. They start by counting the emotions anyone may encounter during the journey-as some people reflect their ego depending on the result- if you hire to demonstrate that your organization can grow; but if you fail, you feel like a failure to yourself and your business. This previous argument is what Brett emphasizes during his conversation with her because he is a strong believer that no one can reach their achievement by themselves, everyone needs company, help, or someone who can assist them in growing- that’s when the services of a staffing company come to the rescue.

Disruptive Thinking

As a way to deepen the topic, Catherine asks Brett if he had any frustration during his journey, as that is the reason other CEOs attend Business Vitality; after a quick analysis, he uncovers his early days as a practitioner, which meant answering the phone and fax, creating marketing content, and organizing his activities, all by himself. Frustration about not being able to grow crumbled up inside him, even though he always had the instinct of a leader and business owner; and that’s when he had to ask for help and think outside the box. That’s when a truthful lesson came to him: even with leadership skills, you must learn how to become a good employee. After that, he hired people and formed his leadership team, a decision that led him to delegate his time better.

Brett assures that people must question themselves about everything, even if it’s hard. Solving the questions: Am I someone I would like to work with? Am I willing to ask for help? Do I have the right picture of how I want to see my business in a few years? Investing time in looking for an answer to all these questions pushes toward personal growth, which then proceeds to professional growth.

Listen to the full Business Vitality Podcast episode HERE.



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