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Movers & Shakers – (Episode 1: Alan Chamo)


Law Firm Movers and Shakers Podcast Episode 1, featuring Alan Chamo, Engagement Coach for Lawyers.

Looking for tips on how to squeeze all the potential during virtual conferences? Look no more! In the newest episode of Movers and Shakers, a podcast where we share amazing stories from lawyers and partners that have successfully grown their practice. Our featured guest is Alan Chamo, a professional engagement coach with over 30 years of experience. Alan has transformed the way of engaging with people from being on a physical stage to finding and building a fantastic audience experience via Zoom. 

In this episode, Joe, the host, and Alan Chamo talk about the shifts and tips that attorneys must consider when hosting an online conference or event. They address details such as how essential it is for attorneys to portray themselves as professionals and engage with their audience.

An Engaging Path

Alan started his interest in entertainment when he was a teenager. He then lived some time in Israel and joined the Air Forces. While working in the IDF ( the Israel Defense Forces), he became the first magician within the organization and entertained the troops. As time went by, he started gathering an audience entertaining crowds from corporations and cruises; but everything changed at the beginning of 2020, due to the covid-19 pandemic, all live events were canceled.

He kept on polishing his abilities, as his former clients kept on contacting him for online sessions. After part-taking in plenty of virtual meetings he noticed one thing in common, people fail to engage with their audience. 

Holding On to Details

As a closure for the topic, Alan shares with Joe the pinpoints to prioritize when doing virtual presentations: firstly, the audio’s quality, if your audio has a lot of static or it sounds robot-ish it will confuse and diffuse the message you are trying to communicate; secondly, to maintain the clients or audience in the loop, this is directed to the importance of the audience being aware of the development of the case or the updates on the information. They also emphasize the amazing tool virtual backgrounds are. Having an organized space or background will help people focus on your message, instead of wondering where you might be if it looks blurry. While on the other hand, if you would like to motivate a spontaneous conversation, you can hang pictures on the wall or add souvenirs to your desk.

Lastly, it is crucial to remember that when you are presenting, you must be part of it. Keep up the energy and timing.


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