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Un-billable Hour Podcast

Un-billable Hour Podcast

On May 27th, 2022, Brett Trembly, attorney, and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on Un-billable Hour Podcast. The Un-billable Hour Podcast is a law practice advisory podcast hosted by Christopher Anderson. This is where you will get the information you need from expert guests, and host, on the Legal Talk Network. Chris has authored numerous articles and speaks on a wide range of topics, including law firm management, the ethics of cloud computing, and the future of technology in law firms. 

In this great episode, Chris and Brett talk about insourcing offshore team members. Brett starts by explaining the difference between outsourcing and insourcing. Get Staffed Up insources team members, meaning that although they work for local law firms, legally they remain Gett Staffed Up’s employees. The reason, and benefit, is that business owners don’t have to pay 40% on top of traditional domestic employment which is the employment taxes and the overheads. 

Build Your Hybrid Team

The first step to build a successful hybrid team is to change the mindset. To realize that there are incredible people all over the world and acknowledge each other’s strengths. So, if you are competing against five businesses, why not show up one day with twice the amount of resources, twice the bandwidth, and half of the payroll. For every five people that you hire through Get Staffed Up, you’re saving $125,000 a year in payroll.

Furthermore, Brett and Chris talk about the changes that they foresee coming up in the industry. And one of the changes that Brett sees is related to law. It is possible that with new laws it will be more expensive to hire offshore talent. The opportunity is to hire now, the time is now. Lastly, Chris and Brett discuss some of the “coolest” tasks a virtual assistant has done for clients. 

Listen to the full Podcast episode HERE!

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