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The Practice Podcast


The practice podcast featuring Get Staffed Up's CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly

In December 2021, Brett Trembly, attorney and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on The Practice Podcast. The Practice Podcast series was created and is hosted by Brett Amron and Jeffrey Bast. This Podcast is intended to be a resource to help business leaders and other lawyers without all the complicated lawyer language.

In this episode, Brett and the hosts talk about how it is hard to grow a business when your overheads are also growing. Brett introduces Get Staffed Up (GSU) as the largest virtual staffing company for attorneys and legal companies in the United States. The reason why they are the leading company is that they hire incredible people, from Latin American, through a unique hiring process. As Brett mentioned in the Podcast, “It is not a one-size-fits-all”. Out of 10 thousand applications from received within a month, only the top 1% get selected. Brett shares how these amazing people are getting paid well and therefore their performance at work is outstanding. Hence why most of the clients are happily growing their firms.

Benefits Of Hiring From Get Staffed Up

Brett tells the hosts that some of the biggest challenges that Get Staffed Up have been scaling. The company grew so quickly that taking many applicants was a challenge. Once systems were put into place, the challenge was controlled. Currently, GSU is attending events and helping over 200 attorneys nationwide. Some benefits of hiring from GSU include saving about 250,000 USD per year on the payroll. Furthermore, taking care of the salaries and taxes of the employee. In addition, there is a replacement policy, where if you are unhappy with your employee, GSU will replace him/her immediately.

The opportunities are limitless once you open your mind to hiring someone from anywhere. However, when you start hiring, there needs to be an onboarding system in place. This will allow you to train the virtual assistant quickly, and they can outperform their tasks. Jeffrey wonders how Brett became the excellent businessman he is today. From a kid, Brett has been very fond of business and is an entrepreneur at heart. During the early stages of his career, he found out the hard way that to grow, you must hire. But when you delegate work, you win working hours. Lastly, Brett and the hosts discuss Trembly Law’s growth and their practice areas.

You can listen to the full The Practice Podcast HERE.


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