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Candid Convos With Brad Paladini

Candid Convos With Brad Paladini

We’re excited to share our newest episode of Candid Convos; where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner, or lawyer, who utilizes virtual staff. This time, our featured guest is Brad Paladini founder of Paladini Law. Paladini Law, based in New Jersey, is a tax law firm focused on resolving issues with the IRS and New Jersey Division of Taxation quickly, efficiently, and with extraordinary results.

Joe, the host, and Brad Paladini start by talking about the legal tax industry. Brad’s love for Tax started back in university when he found a balance between law and numbers. He knew he wanted to work with businesses and help them grow. Most of Brad’s clients are small business owners who throughout the years have tried to do everything by themselves. However sometimes things fall through the cracks, and these small businesses find themselves being audited by IRS. Brad has noticed that most of the time he is the first lawyer these people have worked with and he tries to make the process easy, straightforward, and smooth for his clients. In the past year, he has helped a couple of clients solve their tax issues, and sell their businesses. 

Growing as a Hybrid Law Firm

Taxes can be very stressful and Brad has not only had to assure his clients that everything will be okay but he has been a pivotal part of these businesses’ growth. Joe and Brad discuss how rewarding this journey has been for him and his clients. Brad has changed the perception some people have of lawyers by being honest from the get-go.

Joe asks if Paladini Law was virtual before the pandemic or did they make the transition recently? Paladini Law has been a hybrid office from the beginning. When the pandemic hit, it was easy to become fully virtual. Processes and tools were already in place, which meant that instead of being slowed down by the pandemic, they were sped up. In addition, Paladini Law has virtual assistants from Get Staffed Up. Brad was inspired by other successful attorneys who have virtual assistants to try it. His experience has been an amazing journey. 

Before Get Staffed Up, Brad’s law firm was using a virtual receptionist service. However, when hundreds of people are answering your phone calls, it is impossible to offer good client service. As the firm grew and they were receiving more calls, he decided to have one dedicated person from Get Staffed Up for intake. This change has been an improvement in client service. As a result, Brad has planned to add more virtual marketing assistants to his team.


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