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The Breakaway Entrepreneur Podcast


At the left is Brett Trembly smiling wearing a suit, a white shirt and blue tie. There is a blue background with a white line and paper planes , it also have the tittle Delegate your way to freedom with Brett Trembly Episode 45. The Breakaway Entrepreneur Podcast with Janet Fish.

On December 7, 2020, we had the honor of being the featured guest on the The Breakaway Entrepreneur podcast, hosted by Janet Fish. She has been a business coach for 15 years and has had the pleasure to work with over 1000 entrepreneurs in 16 countries. She has built multiple successful businesses and is a 2 time Amazon best-selling author. The podcast is a conversation by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs where they discuss what makes them unique, how they think differently, what drives them towards success and how they’ve overcome challenges to breakaway from our competition.

In this episode, Janet and Brett share an exercise to know what tasks you have to delegate. You need to identify what are the things you are not good at and what takes so much of your time and doesn’t even give you money. Do it by writing down for one week every single thing you do (you can pay someone to do this for you) and at the end of the week highlight the things that you don’t like doing and with another color highlight all the things that are getting in the way of what your actual business is. These highlighted tasks are the ones you have to delegate to an assistant. One thing you can delegate is your email because you didn’t go on business to spend all your day checking your email. Email is one of the worst killers of productivity and happiness. You can click HERE to download the “Taming The Email Monster Guide” to learn the collaborative email delegation system and regain control of your time.

With Get Staffed Up it is affordable to hire an assistant early on and you can double your revenue in just one month. We remain the legal employers so we take on the headaches and liability. We are filling the high turnover positions that people in the US don’t want anyway, so it’s not about replacing jobs. When you pay someone nearshore through us and they learn your business is so liberating to delegate all those things you highlighted. You can click HERE to listen and watch some of client’s testimonials.

You can listen to The Breakaway Entrepreneur Podcast HERE or watch it here:

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