Perky Collar Radio Show Podcast

Perky Collar Radio Show

On November 23, 2020, we had the privilege of being the featured guest on the Perky Collar Radio Show Podcast, hosted by David M. Frankel. He is the owner of Perky, LLC a clothing innovation company that brings products to market that solve clothing related problems. The podcast always features business owners who share why they started their business, what mistakes they have made along the way as well as what they have learned from those mistakes.

In this episode, Brett shares his experience when he started his law firm and how Get Staffed Up was founded. He states that one of the biggest mistakes he committed when he started, was not to hire someone sooner. He thought he couldn’t afford to pay an assistant and struggled to do everything by himself until he finally listened to his coach. After his first hire, he doubled his firm’s revenue in just one month. It is important to hire an assistant even before you think you need one because if you don’t have one, you are an assistant. You have to confront challenges in your business head-on and not put your head in the sand.

He also shares pretty cool insights on how Get Staffed Up is not about taking away jobs for people in the United States. These are entry level positions with such a high turnover in the U.S. Therefore, hiring an offshore virtual assistant (VA) helps the owners save so much on labor costs that they can eventually take on local employees. There are so many benefits (professional and personal) of hiring a VA and so many things you can delegate to them to liberate yourself while growing your business. Go to our resources section to download the tasks you can delegate to a VA and to a Marketing Assistant.

You can listen to The Perky Collar Radio Show HERE.

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