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Behind The Numbers Podcast


At the left is a logo that says RVN TV, and Behind the numbers at the bottom. As well a man smiling wearing a brown and white shirt and in the right we can see Brett Trembly with a grey shirt sitting near a microphone, at the office he is in there is a GSU logo in the white wall behind him. In the image shows as well the name of the host is Dave Bookbinder and Brett Trembly Co-founder- Get staffed up.

On November 19, 2020, we had the honor of being the featured guest on the Behind The Numbers podcast, hosted by Dave Bookbinder. He is a corporate finance executive with a focus on business valuation. Known as a collaborative consultant, Dave has served thousands of client companies of all sizes and industries. The podcast always features entrepreneurs and it focuses on what matters the most in business.

In this episode, Brett talks about how through his law firm he helps business owners and entrepreneurs to protect the economy one business at a time. But, with Get Staffed Up (GSU) he learned that he could help them in additional ways because staffing,HR, and compliances, are so difficult and there are so many pitfalls that you can run into as a business owner when you are employing people. GSU mission is to liberate owners with incredible offshore virtual assistants (VA) at the fraction of the cost. You can save money and solve the high turnover problem at the entry level job positions.

He also discusses our competitive advantages such as: our VAs work for you and only you, full-time; we hire most of them from Latin America (and now we started hiring from South Africa) so their English is amazing, your clients don’t even realize they are not in your business; we use a hiring process that help us select only the best of the best with work ethic; and, they work at the same time as you do. We also help you onboard your VA, advice on what type of tasks you can delegate to them and we handle their payroll.

You can listen to the Behind The Numbers Podcast HERE or watch the video:

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