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Profit With Law Podcast


On August 27, 2020, we had the privilege of being the featured guest on the Profit with Law podcast, hosted by Moshe Amsel. Moshe is not an attorney, but he spent 20 years as an executive in the IT industry before becoming an extremely successful accountant and business advisor for small businesses.   (For example, one of Moshe’s seminars has over 2,500 participants).  Profit with Law is a show focused on the business of running a law firm as a profitable venture. It proves that there are better and different ways for a law firm to do business and be successful.

In this episode, Brett and Moshe talk about how a small law firm can double its revenue with virtual staff members. They address all the hesitations of hiring and share how you can use virtual staff to jumpstart the growth of your law firm. Brett espouses on his theory that you hire the person first and then make more money, not the other way around (i.e., magically make a bunch of money and then hire someone so you’re not doing everything yourself). In other words, by trying to do everything yourself, you will never be able to spend the requisite amount of time on the 10% of tasks which actually bring in the revenue.

This was a really fun podcast to be a part of – which you can listen to HERE.

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