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You heard all the fuss about virtual staffing and decided to give it a shot. You were excited to meet your new Virtual Assistant and start delegating, but something was not quite right… Time passed, and you decided to let go of your VA and return to a traditional hiring approach, which undoubtedly led to frustration.

Commercial relationships will always wax and wane. A lot of factors come into play, especially when we talk about commercial/business relationships between an employer and a staffer (Virtual Assistant). Different priorities, not having enough time, money shortage, poor performance, health issues, etc. There’s no way to be 100% in control of every little detail that involves both sides of a business relationship. However, unless you have done something truly dreadful, there is a very good chance you can win back and strengthen a business relationship.

Virtual Work

Maybe Offshore Is Not For Me…

Hiring a service and feeling like you are not getting your money’s worth can bring you down or upset you. For example, when first hiring someone from offshore, you are excited to witness how this new teammate will help your law firm grow while reducing costs and saving time. Law firm owners sometimes are not keen on hiring; having control of everything makes them feel secure, even though they might already be suffering burnout symptoms. So, when they decide to hire and don’t get the results they expect, things can go sideways really quickly.

Here are some of the few reasons we’ve heard over the years:

“I think I’m not getting my money’s worth; I feel more work gets done in the office.”

“My VA’s performance is not what I expected; she doesn’t know my processes.”

“Not being available when needed and sometimes showing up a bit late.”

“I feel like I don’t know how to properly delegate tasks”

“Sometimes it seems there’s not enough work to delegate.”

Communication is an essential part of any relationship, and we are going to encourage and show you why sometimes the second attempt to leverage Virtual Staffers can be the turning point you’ve always wanted for your business.

The Smooth Method to Onboard Your Virtual Assistant

Successfully Rebuilt Relationships Between Employer and Staffer

Transparency, communication, and commitment to service excellence with our clients have always been GSU’s priority. Pairing great talent with incredible law firm owners and attorneys is a reality; unfortunately, sometimes, clients don’t feel satisfied with their VAs. We offer an immediate replacement guarantee to ensure you find the absolute right fit for your practice. In the rare instances where a client needs a replacement guarantee, afterward the relationship commonly thrives.

Now, regarding cases where the relationship just doesn’t work, even without a replacement guarantee, we have some valuable insights that might help you consider (or reconsider) Virtual Staffing and get the most out of it. We had an interview with attorneys who were previous clients who stopped using GSU and eventually came back and gathered common pain points and facts that first led them to stop implementing VAs in their firms.

I did not know how to properly delegate, I was caught up with a lot of work and did not properly follow up with my VA. After restructuring my processes, I felt I was ready, and after hiring a new VA, the relationship bloomed, and it became an essential part of my team.


Justin Stievers.

My first VA was not performing up to par as I was expecting, and not as proactive as I wanted. Delegating was beneficial, so I decided to give it another try and pay extra attention to the profiles GSU offers. I prepared an onboarding course for the VA so he could learn my processes efficiently. After carefully selecting my new VA, the onboarding process was smoother, and she quickly became a valuable asset to my administrative team. I hired my second VA shortly after, and I couldn’t be happier with their performance.


Shannon Pawley.

As we can see, it comes down to being prepared when hiring, having an onboarding process in place and communicating with your VA. Our vetting process ensures we find only the Top 1% of Virtual Assistants and we make sure to find the right people who align with your core values and goals. If you tried offshore staffing services in the past but you did not have the greatest experience, we recommend trying GSU (and if you were a GSU client we would love to have you back and blow you away with our upgraded services) so you can start saving time and money, while being more productive.

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