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What Does It Mean When We Say “Top 1 %” of Virtual Assistants

When it comes to improving your life and your business, you want the best. People always want the “best option” available. In an ocean of interconnected companies and businesses, sometimes, an overwhelming feeling of saturation can make it difficult for you to find those constantly sought-out precious best options. Maybe you’ve searched for upgrades to implement into your law firm and stumble upon advertisements stating “Hire the Top 1% of Offshore Assistants” and said to yourself, “What is a Top 1%? You know it means something great, but maybe you’d like to know more about why we are so proud to highlight and offer extraordinary offshore talent we can match your law firm.

The Top 1%

The most talented remote people that the workforce has to offer from the places we staff from (learn about our story here). We’re taking in from 5,000 to 8,000 applications every single week at Get Staffed Up. Through a very rigorous-intricate-filtering application process, we dwindle that number down from thousands to about fifty over a 3 week period, and then we put those amazing individuals (who are yet to be hired) into our “flight academy” where we make sure they have the right equipment, the right attitude, the right professionalism and the right skills to do the job for our clients, to do the job for YOU. Only after successfully graduating from the meticulous vetting process do they become fully GSU’s Virtual Assistants.

NOTE: The training is not customized to a specific law firm or type of law firm but rather to ensure the Virtual Assistant knows how to “fly the plane.” Whereas the specifics of your law firm’s mission will happen during the onboarding process.

Virtual Possibilities

The growing trend of Virtual Assistants in the legal industry is also driven by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology. Virtual Assistants’ capabilities are being used to streamline administrative processes, improve client service, and increase operational efficiency. Aided by new technological tools, the possibilities are endless to provide top-tier services to your clients. VAs are also much less expensive than an in-house employee; they are flexible, committed, and always ready to help you out whenever you need it.

Running a hybrid or fully virtual practice comes with economic benefits as well; having a lower overhead cost compared to traditional brick-and-mortar law firms is one of the most noticeable advantages. Your team doesn’t require physical office space, which means you don’t need to pay rent or utilities, buy furniture or equipment, or hire staff to take care of the facilities. This can help your vision and offer your clients lower rates while maintaining profitability and increased revenue.

Avoid Y.O.H.O (You Only Hire Once)

You should avoid Y.O.H.O. if you have tried Virtual Assistants only once before without success; you should realize that not all VAs are the same. Where you hire from matters a lot. Reaching out to a staffing company does not guarantee you’ll automatically find the perfect candidate. VAs are not robots that you can plug in and expect to start performing; you need to onboard them and teach your process and what YOU need help with.

Now you understand what we mean when we say “Top 1%”. You, too, can achieve ultimate freedom and increase your law firm’s revenue with the Top 1% of Virtual Assistants. We’re living in a digital age, and finding extraordinary people who are committed to helping you grow is now easier than ever. But, remember how vetting is crucial; otherwise, you’ll be again wasting time and money with turnover. Find full-time VAs and start expanding your reach while focusing on what you know best, generating more business and money.


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